by DreamingKoreanBallad, October 14, 2017

Seo Young Joo

Born: February 16, 1998

Blood Type: O

Height: 173cm/5'6" (he looks taller than that lol)

Weight: 67kg/147lbs

I saw this actor for the first time in Can You Hear My Heart and that's one of his characters that has remained ingrained in my mind. I've since seen him in almost everything he's been in. He's an actor I enjoy watching and I'm excited to see him starting to get bigger and more prominent roles, such as lead roles or huge supporting roles. I look forward to any upcoming drama/movie with him.


Can You Hear My Heart? (2011)

As Ma Roo, he was such a memorable character and actor in this drama. I enjoyed his complicated and strained relationship with his father whom he was embarrassed by but still loved, his way of escape and the brotherly love he had for Dong Joo, as well as his crush on his neighbour.

I Love Lee Tae Ri (2012)

He doesn't have a lot of screentime in this drama but he plays one of the lead actors' friends. I personally enjoyed this drama and was glad to see a familiar face in this drama that was mostly filled with unfamiliar faces  (anyone who has seen Big - it's the same kind of story, based off the movie Big with Tom Hanks - but I think this drama is much better than the other drama based off the same movie  - of course, this is just my opinion).

Youth (2014)

He plays the younger brother who is upset and embarrassed about how his older brother lives his life and ends up making a bad decision out of his youthful anger. I've seen this drama twice (rewatched it to get pictures for this article) - I loved it just as much both times I watched it. It's a tale of how the choices you make can make or break you and how forgiveness and letting go is better than just building up resentment and hate. The brothers' story really gets you, and you'll even be affected by the bullied guys in this drama.

Solomon's Perjury (2016)

He plays the main background for the basis of this story. This drama is based on what happened to his character and why. I really liked him and felt so sad about his story and was heartbroken that he wasn't in this much and that he had to play "that" particular student. T_T

Girls Generation 1979 (2017)

Dong Moon - Such a cutie in this drama!!! He literally made me squeal with delight at his dorky honest lovable character in here. So gosh darn adorable! ^_^ He falls for Jung Hee when he first meets her and is relentless in his pursuit of her, though he does know not to cross certain lines. He's a good-hearted fellow who is simply crushing on a girl. He was the second character I loved in this drama. I ended up loving the 2nd couple more than this first one, but I did go into this drama for him and the feeds posts made me watch it a bit sooner.  ;)

May Queen (2012)

He plays the younger version of the rude arrogant rich kid who tramples on other people. However, I did kind of like the adult version of him (a little). With the kind of parents he had, it's no wonder he turned out like this. Either way, this drama has lots of familiar faces, such as Park Gun Tae, Jae Won, Han Ji Hye, Ahn Nae Sang, Kim Yoo Jung and more. I've seen this drama twice and though it's not loved by many, I personally enjoyed it.

Golden Rainbow (2013)

He plays one of the younger cast characters who was "adopted" and raised by a loving "father" who took in orphaned children and raised them as his own. He plays one of the main leads younger counterparts who has a crush on (Kim Yoo Jung)'s character - I almost fell for his character when he was young before Oh Jae Moo came on screen and captured my heart. lol

I Remember You (2015)

He played the kid who witnessed his friend being killed by his other friend at their apartment in one of this drama's cases. Episodes 6-7 is his guest role. There is more to his sad story. I personally enjoyed his guest appearance though he left too early. :'( 


Snowy Road (2017)

He plays  Kim Sae Ron's brother whom, during the Japanese occupation, gets drafted and dragged away to fight for them while his sister and her best friend (who liked him) were dragged away to become comfort women. I have still not seen this movie as I still can't find it even though it has been out for quite some time - or so it seems. I don't know when they are going to release it, but I hope it's soon because I feel like I've been waiting for it forever already! 

The Age of Shadows (2016)

He plays one of the independence activists who ends up betraying his comrades.

Juvenile Offender (2012)

It's a realistic movie about events that happen in these characters' lives that though they wish there would be change, it's almost unrealistic to hope for it. It's as others have said, sort of repeats the cold cycle into the others' lives. All they are doing is struggling to survive but life happens and the choices they make takes them on paths they might not have picked. One thing I didn't really like was how they just ended the movie. I like my movies to have closure, but I guess with this type of movie it's virtually impossible to see that.


He is also stars in Musicals (though I couldn't find any information on it other than the pictures found via google search).  *Anyone happen to know what this musical is about?*

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