by ChaNee, October 16, 2015

Grab a blanket, pull it tight, and let's enjoy a fright night!!!

Ghost House

Gwishini Sanda

Country: South Korea     Year: 2004     Genre: Horror, Comedy


Pil Gi (Cha Seung Won) and his father (Yoon Moon Shik) have never lived in a house that they owned. They constantly were on the move for different types of reason because Pil Gi's father believed that no one should be disrespected because they were poor. Before he died, his wish for his son was for him to become a homeowner. 10 years later, His wish came true, Pil Gi bought a two story home at a very affordable price but not long after moving in, strange occurrences by a Lingering Ghost (Jang Seo Hee) have Pil Gi trying to sell the house quickly. 

My Thoughts 

Cha Seung Won is hilarious. He takes a mediocre story and makes it so much better. Maybe that is my bias talking but he kept me interested for the entire movie. The first half of the movie is okay but the second half is much tighter and even more funny when Jang Seo Hee's character is introduced. Definitely should be added to the queue if you are looking for some spooky laughs.



Country: Japan     Year:2007     Genre: Horror 


Yamazaki Gunji ( Osugi Ren) is a very strange man with a fetish for hair. He steals the corpse of a murdered female who was found in a storage container full of human hair. The corpse mysteriously keeps reproducing hair so Yamazaki decides to sell hair extensions to nearby beauty salons. One day, he spots a little girl who has the perfect head of hair and he follows her to a beauty shop where he meets Mizushima Yuko (Kuriyama Chiaki), an apprentice hair stylist, who happens to be the aunt of Mami (Sato Miku), the little girl he follows. 

My Thoughts 

They described this as a comedy horror but I didn't see much comedy. Sure it had some comedic moments but not much in my opinion. The comedy is definitely found within Osugi Ren's character as the creepy fetish guy and hair extensions being a deadly weapon. Totally absurd, I know but the thought of being murdered by extensions has me thinking about those I have on my head at the moment. I think I may be setting an appointment with my hairstylist for extension removal. LOL!!  Now as far as the horror, it definitely had some jump worthy moments. Though for the most part the horror moments are cringe worthy and there are loads of them.

Troublesome Nights

Yin Yang Lu

Country: Hong Kong     Year: 1997     Genre: Comedy, Horror 


Four loosely connected stories surrounding a group of youngsters, 4 boys and 3 girls who are going camping in the countryside. After arriving and telling ghost stories, Ken ( Koo Louis) urges the group to visit the cemetery. They spot a newly built plot but the tomb happens to belong to one of them. The next 3 stories continue with the friends experiencing missing spouses, having affairs with ghosts, possession and haunted cinemas. 

My Thoughts 

Troublesome Night has about 500 thousand spin-offs. Just kidding but it does have 18 other continuations which I am not sure if they all are connected to the bases of the original one. I enjoyed the first in the series. It had the classic 1980's vibe such as Friday the 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street but without the horror and fright. It's an amusing tale of ghost stories that is more comedy than horror.

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