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Hi all, I'm Kikimorka! よろしく!(^ω^)ノツ

Since I'm not very good with introductions, let's just say that I totally fell under the drama spell! I love immersing myself in all of these fictional worlds because they inspire me, they make me love and give me the courage to dream! 

I intended to keep my PTW list limited to J-dramas only but I made the sweet mistake of watching a K-drama so now I'm in favour of them both! *poor me* Oh well, I knew it would eventually come to this!!! >xD

My mood greatly affects my drama choice!!! Sometimes it's the actors' "fault" or that really appealing summary оn MDL, or simply the cover photo I find captivating!!!



"People are all the same! People were born by crying. Learning how to smile until we die. It's life."                           ~Special Affairs Team TEN~ 

"Happy families are similar. But unhappy families are unhappy for their own reasons."                                             ~
Special Affairs Team TEN 2~

“The world is like a mirror. If you spit and curse at it, the world will curse and spit back at you. If you laugh, I’m sure the world will follow and laugh with you, too.”                                    ~Jung Shi Hyun, Cruel City~

If there are any movies you'd love to recommend and want to write an article about them, just send me a message, okay!!! :D :D


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