by Theonewholoveskdramas, March 12, 2016

Alright, so all these dramas I've been watching keep me running through the same love story. The same plot. Sometimes, I just want to sit down and enjoy my antisocial life with a nice, new, and refreshing drama. I don't want any cancer patients with dry, cracked lips, or the old "I'm-saving-you-from-the-moving-bike-that-wasn't-going-to-hit-you-anyway" move. I think you know what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, I love these types of things every once in a while, but not ALL THE TIME. So, I've been conjuring up a few ideas of my own. My brain has been soaking up so many ideas, but alas, I shall only write about one today.


I've been thinking about who the main man lead should be for a while now and I couldn't just come up with one.... or two... or three. I chose five! Yes, five! I couldn't help myself. These five sparkling men will join together and make this drama a complete masterpiece.

Those men are.....


Yes! SHINee! Shawols, unite! If you couldn't guess that, shame on you! SHINee is a Kpop group who has been awarded so many awards and has fans all around the world. From left to right their names are Choi Min Ho, Onew (stage name), Kim Jong HyunLee Taemin, and Key (stage name). Isn't their beauty overwhelming? Anyway, I thought it'd be nice for ALL of SHINee to take a step back from their fantastic idol lives and be actors. Plus, wouldn't it be nice for them to sing a couple OSTs? Or even use songs they've already sung? When things are going swell and everyone's smiling how about "Runaway" from their "Misconceptions of You" album? When things are sad, "Sleepless Night" from " Misconceptions of Me" and when things get a little spicy (or even bromance-y) between characters, how about "Chocolate" from their latest repackaged Korean album "Married to the Music"? Let's all just take a minute and smell the fresh, hot ratings this drama would get. Don't even get me started on shower scenes.

In this drama, these five have been best friends since before they could remember. Now in their second year of college, they enjoy going out to clubs and drinking all kinds of alcohol. Who wouldn't? On a scale of 1 to 10, their bromance levels are about 1,002,221. Speaking random English is only one of their many talents along with cracking dirty jokes and making the wrong decisions. They all have such different personalities that they make you wonder, "How do they even get along?" Well, you'll soon see that getting along is harder than it ever was before as they all begin to grow up and face their own, separate problems.

Enough about SHINee, let's get to the real stuff, shall we?

Even though all of SHINee are the main leads, sadly, only two of them will meet the love of their lives. (Yes, there are two girls. I couldn't bear to think about either one of them getting heartbroken, or any of them fighting over a girl.)

The two who meet girls are....


Kim Jong Hyun and Onew! Step aside Min Ho! You've already been casted in so many dramas! You step aside too, Key! You've been the star in a couple musicals recently, haven't you? And Taemin, you've already got a serious problem to face in this drama. You don't need a girl distracting you from that!

I figured, "Why not?" Not only are these two my ultimate biases, but I also wanted to see how they'd do as main leads who face problems with women. I'd be totally excited to see them in an actual drama being professional, experienced actors. Why not go for it now? For their characters, I thought it'd be fun to give them exact opposite personalities from their actual ones. You know, just to see how they'd pull it off.

Jong Hyun's Character:

Jong Hyun's a really shy kid. If you ask him where the bathroom is, chances are he'll look down and quickly point in the right direction. Words just aren't his strong suit. Though, you can always depend on him being right. He's lucky he has four friends that understand what he's been through. He wasn't always like this. Jong Hyun used to be outgoing and would talk without hesitation, always speaking his mind, even if it wasn't always the right thing to do. When he was a senior in high school his mother was murdered by a serial killer. A few years prior, she spoke out against the murderer as a witness on his trial. She fearlessly told the court nothing but the truth and that's what she taught Jong Hyun as well. After years had passed, the murderer came back, keeping his promise, and brutally murdered his mother. She left Jong Hyun and his little brother alone with a dad who still can't get a grasp on reality. Jong Hyun really doesn't open up about it and would rather not speak up about anything else either. When talking with the other four he tries his best to be who he was with them. It may not always be the easiest, but he does it. Though, give him a few shots of soju, he'll definitely show you a fun time!

Onew's Character:

In contrast to Jong Hyun's character, Onew is definitely outgoing. Particularly in the women's department. His hobbies include flirting excessively, waking up with women to his left and right, and continuously lying to them to get what he wants. He's a complete womanizer and never fails to hop into bed with a girl he just met. But, before you start hating him even more, he too wasn't always like this. In all of his years in high school, he had a girlfriend who was always by his side. They were inseparable and were known as their high school's power couple. They were both intelligent and talented and really liked each other. Though, she got a chance to study abroad for a year and took the chance without looking back. Before she left, Onew told her he loved her. Without considering even a speck of his feelings she turned away saying, "Don't wait for me." Since that day, something inside Onew was never the same. He quickly changed afterward. He felt as if he had wasted his youth on a relationship that wasn't real, that she never really liked him. Since then, Onew needed to feel that someone liked him, and he filled that hole the wrong way by making the women he's used feel the exact same way he did. 

Now, let's get to the other three.


Min Ho's Character:

Min Ho isn't the smartest. His IQ is definitely not as high as it should be. You'd more than likely catch him tripping over his own feet. Though, his father is the president of the college he attends, which explains a lot. He doesn't take much time on homework or school and would much rather take a trip to the gym to buff himself up. When things get a little tough, Min Ho will be there for comedic relief. His character is someone you'd definitely be able to smile with throughout the drama. Wait a minute! I forgot to tell you the most important part! Min Ho's character is attracted to men! PLOT TWIST! Anyway, even though his character has known for a while, he's still in denial. I mean, hey! That super hot male teacher he was staring at had a great sense of style! Though, when he sees his first love walking into class, all of his fluttering, confusing feelings come back to him in a rush. What should he do?

Things get a little complicated when it comes to Key and Taemin's characters though.

To start off, Key and Taemin are brothers. Taemin is really intelligent and was actually able to skip a few grades and meet up with the rest of the group. Taemin would much rather keep his eyes on his textbook than the girls that flirt with him. Matter of fact, he knows so little about girls that he can't tell when they're obviously hitting on him and unknowingly turns them down. Key, on the other hand, is exactly opposite. He tries way too hard to get girls and hilariously fails. Although he isn't as low as Onew, he's definitely down there somewhere. He'd definitely be as smart as Taemin if he really tried. But, let's jump back to the, "Key and Taemin are brothers" thing. They don't look like siblings, do they? Taemin was actually adopted as a baby. His mother died giving birth to Taemin and his father refused to raise him himself and flew off to America to start his own business. Taemin only finds all of this out when his father abruptly shows up at his doorstep, forcing Taemin to move to America with him. His father only wants him after he's old enough to run his institute. Taemin begins resenting Key for not telling him sooner and their strong bond becomes weaker and weaker. They have to work things out before it gets any worse.

Finally! I can introduce you to the main girl leads! You've been waiting, haven't you?

Main girl lead number one is.....


Kim Seul Gi! I loved her in all of the dramas I've seen her in. That includes, Splash Splash LOVE, Oh My Ghost, and Discovery of Romance. She's a phenomenal actress who can play anywhere from a sleep deprived employee (Flower Boy Next Door) to a quirky high schooler trapped in the Joseon era (Splash, Splash LOVE). I'm just gonna put it this way: THIS GIRL NEEDS MORE LEAD ROLES!!! She'll definitely surprise you if you haven't seen her before.

Seul Gi's Character:

Seul Gi, like Jong Hyun, is a shy girl. When standing in front of a stranger, forced to talk, she often becomes clumsy, falling down steps and tripping on her shoelaces. She was just born that way. In high school, she was often bullied for not having many friends and never speaking up. Though, she did have one friend (main girl #2) who always stood behind her, especially when bullying got violent. Well, at least before she had to leave for America. Seul Gi can only open up and be herself with that friend. When she's doing this, she's a really funny girl. If she would just open up like that with everyone, she'd have way more friends. When she meets Jong Hyun, she is instantly attracted to his cute and shy ways and, for once in her life, tries to speak to him without hesitation.

Who's the girl who stood up for Seul Gi? Reveal yourself!


Im Ji Yeon! I absolutely loved her character in High Society. I just didn't necessarily like High Society. The only reason I continued watching was for her and Park Hyung Shik. I wish she had a chance to show her acting in a drama that wasn't continuously boring. So, I chose her for this drama.

Ji Yeon's Character:

Ji Yeon is a strong girl and won't let anything get in her way. That includes high school relationships. Have you guessed it yet? Ji Yeon is the girl who broke poor little Onew's heart into a thousand pieces and left him alone. After receiving a chance to study abroad for a year, she left Onew after senior year and wouldn't come back until the second year of college where she enrolled in the same college. After meeting and looking him in the eyes again, she can only see the heartbreak that was there a year ago. Onew tries ignoring her and continues his routine of picking up girls and sweet talking them to bed, trying to show her how he's changed and doesn't need her anymore. Even though it doesn't work the way he wanted it to, she realizes how she made him change and only wants to apologize. Afterward, Onew makes an effort to change, seeing how bad Ji Yeon feels. Even though it's not the easiest for him to quit, he does it for Ji Yeon.

And with this character, I couldn't help myself:


Lee Jae Joon! This guy is known for being the Joon Jae in the couple Takujae, along with Terada Takuya from the drama The Lover. I chose Jae Joon because I absolutely loved him in The Lover. He was very convincing when playing his character and I think someone who is experienced in playing a gay character would be best. I'm not going to lie though, I think Jae Joon and Minho would look really cute together, especially since Jae Joon is actually taller than Minho. He may need some shoe insoles to really highlight that, though. With this couple, back hugs and hand holding is definitely advised. Just in case you haven't seen The Lover, this is Takujae:


Jae Joon's Character:

In this drama, if you haven't already guessed, Jae Joon will play...... Min Ho's first love! I know I said only two of them would get girls but I never said anything about boys. Jae Joon is really smart and works out a lot, like Min Ho. (This gives these two a chance to workout together in the gym, and I think you know what happens in gyms. Sweaty, good looking Jae Joon and a Min Ho in complete awe definitely add up.) When they first meet, Jae Joon is really kind, which doesn't help Min Ho with his fluttering stomach at all. They both have an instant attraction to each other and become friends quickly, though their relationship progresses quicker than expected as their bond grows stronger. It gets harder for Min Ho to admit he's gay as he falls deeper in love. Jae Joon, on the other hand, finds it easy as he's come to terms with who he is. What's even harder for Min Ho is having to come out to his friends, which he thinks won't be easy. After this, I hope Minjoon will become a thing!


Even though I already spilled the beans on what pretty much happens in the drama, I never really told you HOW all of this began.

Well, in a particular class all eight of them are taking, they are all grouped up in one group of eight and will have to stay in these groups for the whole year. Starting off, their group doesn't work so well. Seul Gi and Jong Hyun don't really want to communicate with the others out of being shy and Seul Gi isn't really paying attention since she's more so concentrated on Jong Hyun. As for Onew and Ji Yeon, they immediately clash and would rather not communicate. This is the same for Taemin and Key after Taemin found out he's adopted. Matter of fact, he'd avoid Key all together if they didn't live in the same home. Min Ho and Jae Joon, who are distracted by each other rather than doing their work, aren't really helping the situation.

Though, I want all relationships to progress quicker than they would in a normal drama. I don't want any one-sided kisses or love triangles either. After all relationships are patched, this group of eight will be the best of friends. This way, the drama transitions from a drama revolved around love to a drama revolved around surviving college with a dash of love.

With this, I have come to the end of my article. Thanks for reading!

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