by SayaRose, March 18, 2016

All of us are always looking for new dramas to watch, for something that will pique our interest. For something that will remind us why we got into dramas in the first place. There were a few dramas that caught my attention and achieved this.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy all of the dramas I watch, but there are times when I feel that it gets too repetitive. So here are a few dramas that made me marathon them like I used to in the beginning:

Gods Gift

I began watching this drama when 13 episodes were already out, so I was able to keep watching it for a while. I picked this drama while there was some work going on in my house and I had to be downstairs to make sure everything was going well. As I was searching for a new drama on dramafever, I found God's Gift in the recommended section.


So I began watching the drama and it was pretty interesting from the start. Kim Soo Hyun (Lee Bo Young) is a mother who always wants her daughter Han Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Bin) to be the number one. She, like any mother, does love and care about her daughter, which is why when her daughter is reported missing and found dead, she almost loses her mind. But as fate would have it, she is given a second chance to figure out what has happened to her daughter. 


She is accompanied by someone who was close by when her restart began: Ki Dong Chan (Jo Seung Woo). He had gotten into a fight with some gangsters and been thrown into the same river she was in. That was when the magic happened and they were thrown to a time before Saet Byul had been found dead.


I watched this drama episode after episode and it kept my interest all the way through. There were a few predictable things that the husband had been doing, but the script was well-written. I do wish that they hadn't made Soo Hyun do some of the things that she did. It was too much at times but it was also understandable because she was trying to save her daughter's life. They didn't add many unnecessary scenes or useless information. Everything was relevant to the plot and leading to the end. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger so you can't wait to watch the next episode.   

The Lover

This drama is very different from the Korean dramas that I am used to. It goes into dirty jokes and shows how couples really act toward each other. Everything: Their arguments, when they agree with each other, and how they make fun of each other. There are four different couples living in the same apartment complex:


Oh Do Shi (Oh Jung Se) and Ryu Du Ri (Ryu Hyun Kyung) are the first couple. They had been dealing with a long distance relationship so they decided to move in together. Do Shi is a struggling voice actor and Du Ri works as a blogger. They both love one another and their fights are always very interesting in the way they get along and how they know what they are trying to say to each other without verbalizing it. There was an episode in the beginning where they talk about couples who really know each other and have been together for a while. The episode continues with the two of them working out and they basically talk through movement rather than words. 


The second couple is Choi Jin Nyeo (Choi Yeo Jin) and her younger boyfriend Jeong Yeong Jun (Jung Joon Young). Jin Nyeo takes care of him and supports him in his career. He is an aspiring musician. They are my second favorite couple. Jun is basically a child but he acts cute towards Jin Nyeo and and she can't help but love him. There was an episode where something serious happened between them and you could see Jun's growth. But otherwise, he acts spoiled in front of his noona. 


The third couple, Park Hwan Jong (Park Jong Hwan) and Ha Seol Eun (Ha Eun Seol), are engaged. Hwan Jong is a shy professor who doesn’t always speak his mind while Seol Eun is a stay-at-home type of person who eats a lot. Hwan Jong doesn't really know how to word what he wants to say to her and ends up following her ways. They were my least favorite couple. I just didn't find them that interesting to watch. They had their funny moments but overall they were eh.


The fourth person who lives in the apartment is loner Lee Jun Jae (Lee Jae Joon) who has to find a roommate because he can't afford the rent anymore. He ends up meeting Takuya (Terada Takuya), a Japanese traveling in Korea. Takuya and Jun Jae’s interactions are very funny and interesting to watch. Another thing I loved was how the drama showed the relationship between them. There were no negative gay terms used. When Jae Jun realized he liked Takuya, he tried to take care of Takuya and didn’t want to endanger their friendship by telling him. It was nice to see LGBT+ representation in this drama.


I loved this drama. It was different from all the other Korean dramas that I have seen. I started this drama when it first came out and I couldn’t wait for a new episode to come out every week.

The drama was full of laughs but also had its serious moments when the couples had problems to work out. They talked about things that concerned them and worked through those problems – Sometimes through yelling at each other. There are some funny moments in this drama where you have to look away from the screen because of ridiculous it gets. 

Coffee Prince

This was the first drama I ever watched and I loved every minute of it. I have re-watched it a few times and I still love it. This drama was new and different in 2007 when it came out. I believe I actually saw this drama a year after it came out and it got me into Korean dramas. This drama does follow the usual poor girl/rich boy trope, but it a took a different spin: Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is a poor girl working multiple jobs to support her mother and sister because her father passed away. She meets Choi Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) while working a job and ends up helping him escape his marriage meetings. She hides the fact that she is female from him to get that job and another job. The story goes on from there.


This drama was really cute and fun to watch. The way Eun Chan always tried to find a solution and how she grows from depending only on herself to having faith in someone else. Han Gyul has the most character improvement, he goes from a selfish playboy to a caring employer. He was amazed by Eun Chan and the way she was so free and how she was running around to help her family out – And by how much she ate. There were the usual fights because of another couple but they overcame them and moved on with their relationship.


Plus, look how cute the two of them are!

The Master’s Sun

The Master’s Sun could have had a few parts written differently but I loved this drama nonetheless. There are many dramas with ghosts as the main theme but this one was different. In most ghost dramas, the main character tries to live a normal life and hides it from everyone. Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) was a smart girl with a bright future until she got into an accident that lead to her being able to see ghosts. She meets Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) by accident when she is helping out one of those ghosts. Joong Won is the greedy CEO of a mall and a hotel. When he finds out she can see ghosts, he wants to use her ability to talk to his girlfriend who died and was the reason he was kidnapped during his teen years. She originally wants to stay by his side because when she touches him, the ghosts disappear. They don’t know why but it works.


The episodes go through their adventures dealing with the ghosts and the ghost of his past love. Gong Shil mostly keeps the same character throughout the story. At the start of the drama she is very scared and doesn't even want to look at the ghosts, but she begins to become braver as the drama goes on. Joong Won becomes kinder, he starts to care about her and protects her whenever he can. He also has this cute way of saying “get lost” and then waving his hand in front of his face. He even does it to her stuffed animal at one point. This drama was mostly just cute to watch and even the second couple had their fun moments with how they interacted with each other.

So these are the Korean dramas that came to mind when I was writing this article. Let me know if you like them and why! And if you don't, please be kind when saying so.