by HappySqueak, October 22, 2016

5 Reasons to Watch Go Ho’s Starry Night


Go Ho’s Starry Night is a sweet office romance following cute and quirky Go Ho, played by Kwon Yu Ri. Go Ho is still getting over her ex-boyfriend when she discovers that he is going to be her new boss. He is played by Lee Ji Hoon. This spurs her other admirers, who have been in the shadows, to action. 


Reason #1 Eye Candy

There are several male characters that like moths to a flame come into play and close proximity to Go Ho. From the stoic Boss to the Office Idol, Ex-Boyfriend to the Office Goof, and the kind considerate but much older Director; each male character has a connection and purpose for getting close to Go Ho.

Office Idol: He is a total player, constantly trying to sweet talk her. Played by: Shin Jae Ha


Ex-boyfriend: He broke her heart, but his unresolved feelings slowly start to surface. She is salty and doing her best to work under him. Played by: Lee Ji Hoon


Office Goof: He’s gotta be someone’s eye candy... no judgement here. And even if he's not, this guy was really funny! He's super interested in Go Ho. Played by: Kim Ji Hoon


Director: He seems to be a tower of support and strength for her in moments of need. We are warmed by his charm and manner throughout, though seeing him as a candidate for the female lead doesn’t really take off. He does not seem to push any heavy affection on her, making his character enjoyable and comforting. Played by: Choi Deok Moon


Finally the Boss: He is known for his short temper but excellent work ethic. He’s been on her case for years, and we later discover it’s because of a one sided love he’s carried for her. His romantic gestures are not rushed but slowly delivered throughout the drama, making it irresistible to watch. His personality slightly reminds me of the quiet brooding lead from Cheese in the Trap. His eyes really carry a lot of desire and emotion. Love his styling, charisma, and approach to everything. A little love hate can be really fun! Plus wow is he tall! Played by: Kim Young Kwan




These guys are so dorky as they try to chart out who ranks the best for Go Ho:


This definitely looks like a harem lol. They all go together, each taking a stab at trying to order a drink she will like:


Reason #2 Best Friends

I love dramas where the female lead’s closest female confidant (who is not her mom) is 100% on her side. It's great when we don't have to worry that a guy, money, or job would come between them and weaken their friendship.


This Sassy Office Girl was so pleasing to watch. Great lines, great delivery, and she was really the very best buddy to Go Ho; making these on screen besties very believable.

Reason #3 Episode Length

Clocking in a little under 20 minutes per episode on average, this 20 episode mini series is so easy to marathon. Plus the quality is top notch enough to rival some of the longer length rom/com dramas that are currently airing.


You’ll be so hooked after the first episode, and the short run time makes it easy to keep going for a few more episodes.

Reason #4 Pacing and Storytelling

Pacing can set the tone and drive of a drama, and can turn a hit into a miss if not done correctly. In Go Ho’s Starry Night I give major props to the writer. The story’s pacing is well delivered so as to not bore or irritate viewers. We can count on the storyline to evolve in a satisfying way that keeps us intrigued as all these guys are on scene vying for our female lead.


It’s not a love triangle of even a square... this is nearly a harem romance here!



With so many potential suitors popping up, what’s a girl to do?

#5 A Beautiful Romance

With unspoken affection, one sided love for years, and the brooding but kind cool gestures by the Boss; Go Ho does have some inner conflict in what she is searching for in a boyfriend and who she really likes. Their love hate relationship has seen them through many situations, but when it comes down to it they have been there for each other.


They know each other so well and when she makes this realization, that "oh hey... he’s hot too!" moment is truly delightful.


Probably what I liked best was the romance was even though the episodes are short it's not rushed; the element of it growing through each episode was evident and sweet to follow. This drama was a lot of fun, definitely re-watch list worthy, and the cast--no matter how small the role--made for fun office shenanigans.