by HappySqueak, November 1, 2016

Now Available: Thumping Spike 2

If you were delighted by the noona romance and light hearted, team fun of the original Thumping Spike starring Hwang Seung Eon and Song Jae Rim, I have some GREAT news for you!



Thumping Spike 2 is now available to track down and watch! There's a whole new cast and setting. It's set in the University of Korea, but with a similar focus on volleyball. 

First, there's professional level volleyball athlete, Dong Hae Sung, played be Lee Won Geun (remember him from Sassy Go Go as the always grinning and clever male lead?). In Thumping Spike 2, we see him signing up for classes and stating that he is no longer interested in pursuing volleyball, despite the numerous fangirls clamouring, "Oppa!!" and admiring him all around.


Next is the persistent team captain played by Sun Woong known as Go I Ra (often mistakenly pronounced "Gorilla", which of course adds to his character as it irks him to the extreme). He is desperately seeking Hae Sung to join the team so they can become a stronger team.




Finally there's sweet Han Da Woon, played by Kim So Eun. If she looks familiar , you might be following her other currently airing drama where she is young female lead Gap Soon in Our Gap Soon.  In this drama, she portrays a smart girl who is new on campus and still has to learn the ropes of being a university student.

She seems to catch the interest of Hae Sung due to her excellent grades. He offers to help her out with her love life, aka her painfully obvious flash love (crush) on Go I Ra, in exchange for helping Hae Sung study. I Ra rescued her from Hae Sung's speeding car, thus blossoming her flash love.



Small world, and everyone is now connected! 


Recognize any familiar faces from the original?

Do you plan on watching Season 2? Did you enjoy the first one?