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by AnanyaS on December 29, 2016
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                                            TO FALL IN LOVE WITH

Once upon a time in dramaland, there lived a clan of writer-nims who suddenly decided one day that humans falling for each other was way too mundane. And that's how it all started...

Now, we have a variety of species shown in dramas, ranging from vampires to aliens, that fall in love with humans. Here is a list of 5 mythical creatures, in no specific order, who are the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend material.


                                          # VAMPIRE

Whoever said that vampires were all just hype, just look at them. No seriously, look at them! Can you sincerely say that you won't prefer one of these boys to ask you out? You can't say no...


                                                 Roy Thackeray (Love In Time)


                               Kim Sung Yeol (Scholar Who Walks The Night)


                                                         Park Ji Sang (Blood)

                                               # GUMIHO

The absolutely cute & adorable gumihos will melt your heart in an instant. You definitely won't be able to help yourself, and before you'll know it, you'll be falling in love with them.

67591060.jpg     nine-tailed-fox.jpg

Choi Kang Chi (Gu Family Book)                                              Gu Mi Ho (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho)


                                                # GHOST

Don't worry, just because they're ghosts, doesn't mean your love won't survive. As it so happens, the Gods of dramaland have given you 'supreme powers' to see them, talk to them and, you guessed it, touch them. Sure they'll stalk you for a while, but then you'll get used to it. One thing's for sure though, if these ghosts do chase you, you won't be running away scared

cover-3.jpg      arangsaddo.jpg

            Kim Hyun Ji (Bring It On, Ghost)                                   Arang (Arang & The Magistrate)

                                           # MERMAID

Now we have the mermaids. Ever since watching The Little Mermaid, you have to admit that we have a soft spot in our heart for mermaids. Who wouldn't want a girlfriend who's willing to leave behind the life she knows, to venture into a whole new and completely different world, just to be with you. Talk about devotion, right? The downside is that they just might dissolve into bubbles...or not. It's dramaland, afterall!



                                     Kim Ha Ni / Aireen (Surplus Princess)


                                      Shim Chung (Legend Of The Blue Sea)

                                           # GOBLIN

He's smart, he's handsome, he's kind and... he's rich!! You bet even your parents won't mind the ~900 years age gap.


                                                                Kim Shin (Goblin)

                                            # GRIM REAPER

If such a good looking grim reaper knocks on your door, instead of running away, open the door! So what if you die, if he says your name three times? Ever heard of nicknames, helloooo?


                                                            Wang Yeo (Goblin)

                                                 # ALIEN

Looking at this wonderful and absolutely gorgeous man, you'll wish aliens really do exist. Sure he's a bit stuck-up in the beginning, but even so, don't worry. In the end, he'll warm up to you.and win your heart. You'll definitely want to take this E.T. home!


Honorable Mentions:

Werewolf (A Werewolf Boy) ; Angel (Angel Destiny)

Which ones do you usually fall for?