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Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya)

Nickname: Yaya

Date of Birth: 18th March 1993

Height: 170cm

Languages Known: Thai, English Norwegian, Spanish, French

Urassaya Sperbund is a Norwegian-Thai actress under Channel 3, who is one of the most popular stars in Thailand. She started out as a model, before branching out into acting.

Before signing a contract with Channel 3, Yaya could only speak 30% of the Thai language (since she attended an international school), but afterwards, she motivated herself to learn the language until she was proficient. She, alongside working, graduated from Thailand's #1 University, Chulalongkorn.

She starred in her first drama in 2008. Let's take a look at the most notable dramas she has done until now:

Duang Jai Akkanee (2010)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

This was the breakthrough role for Yaya. Her portrayal of the daring, fearless Jee, and her chemistry with her leading man Nadech Kugimiya, earned the hearts of so many people in the country that the two are, even now, the most popular "koo jin" of this generation. Through this role, she started to get recognized for her talent.

This was my first lakorn ever. My first time seeing Yaya, and the role that made me fall in love with her (and Nadech!) This lakorn will always have a special place in my heart!

Tawan Deard (2011)

With: Prin Suparat

Yaya plays the role of Roong. She's the step-daughter of Charan, who led a group that murdered the male lead Tawan's family. When they meet, Roong begins to trust him and rely on him.
I haven't watched this lakorn yet. It's not a genre I would normally watch and going by the reviews, there's not a whole lot of romance, so I might just pass on it. But you know, never say never!

Game Rai, Game Rak (2011)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

Yaya plays the role of a mysterious girl who gets washed ashore on an island and is rescued by an islander named Saichon. When she wakes up, she realizes that she has amnesia and can't even remember her own name. Saichon names her Nang Fah (meaning, angel) and decides to take her in. They live together, and eventually fall in love. However one day, the girl's sister, who has been searching for her, finally finds her location and decides to bring her back. Where she gets amnesia, uh-gain (facepalm). Later on, she meets Saichon, who now goes by the name Charles, but can't remember him.

Slap & Kiss is quite an infamous genre. You would hear all these things, even negative, about a genre and you'd at least get curious to see what the noise was all about. But not about this one. I'd read people's comments, and I would think, "No way am I going through that." Moreover, I didn't need to watch the drama to see how I would feel about it.

I solely tried this drama because I'm a big fan of the leads. That's it. I still stand by my decision that I will not watch a Slap & Kiss drama again. That is, unless the same leads star in another one (the things you do for your ship, seriously.) I suppose I digressed a bit too much.

Yaya's role here is more of a naive cheerful girl. Objectively speaking, I think that she did a nice job. It's not the type of role that everyone can love, but I think she did a good job portraying the character.

Thoranee Nee Krai Krong (2012)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

The story is about Athit and Darunee.
Yaya plays the role of a teenage girl, Darunee, the adopted child of Daeng. She's a student but also works at Grandma's Orchard.
Athit is an agriculture graduate who comes to live with his grandmother Daeng.

At first, Darunee is a jealous, spoiled brat that you get annoyed at. But slowly, over time, her character changes, through experiences, and through hardships that she has to endure. She transforms into an understanding and mature adult, and a person with a good heart. I consider Nee's character to be a really good example of character development.

Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (2014)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

Yaya plays the role of Mayumi, a daughter of Takahashi family. She is betrothed to Ryu Onitsuka, although he hasn't contacted her for the past seven years (the 7-year leap between Roy Ruk & Roy Fun). She works as a doctor and is also adept in fighting skills.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how good and different a nang'ek Mayumi is? She is not only strong mentally, but physically as well. The girl can fight. In high heels! And we can all agree that that's no easy feat.

Neung Nai Suang (2015)

With: James Jirayu

Yaya plays the role of Poom, a girl without parents. She meets Neung at a party, and remembers how he used to bully her in the past.

I haven't watched this drama yet, so can't really say much about her character. But Yaya is definitely really pretty here! And James too!

Kleun Cheewit (2016)

With: Prin Suparat

Yaya plays the role of Geerawat/ Gee, who is a popular actress. She lives a hard life, although very few people know about it. She has a no-nonsense attitude and doesn't take sh*t from anyone unless she feels like she's in the wrong.

Kleun Cheewit is one of the most popular and highly rated shows here on MDL.

Yaya carried the whole show! And I don't mean this in a way that others didn't do a good job. But just talking about Yaya here - she did such an amazing job, I cannot praise her enough! I had always liked her, but after watching this it turned into love!

Leh Lub Salub Rarng (2017)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

Yaya plays the role of a snobby and arrogant actress, Petra Pawadee, who looks down on everyone. Through a freak accident, she had her body switched with Captain Ramin. After which, she transforms into a "manly" Petra.

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I still have to say this- she did an extraordinary job here. Her portrayal of Petra after the switch was applaud-worthy. Everything, from her expressions to her way of walking, was on-point.

The Crown Princess (2018)

With: Nadech Kugimiya

She plays the role of a princess who has to flee her country because of security threats. She has to hide her identity and live as a "normal person" with Lieutenant Davin. Both are not quite fond of each other at the start but as they live together, they start to fall in love.

The Crown Princess was much more than just another love story. While it's always nice to see a good old fashioned romance with the whole hate-to-love trope, it's much nicer to watch a drama with an empowering female lead. A girl who can make up her own mind, who makes her own decisions (as much she can, she is a princess after all), and well, beat up a guy or two.

Brother of The Year

Yaya plays the role of Jane, a smart and confident woman who is quite successful in her profession. Almost the opposite of the titular brother. Both siblings cannot stand each other, always bickering with each other.

This movie was a huge success! Both in Thailand and overseas!

The typical relationship depicted between two siblings is one of the most notable things about this! It will make you laugh and cry.


Klin Kasalong

Yaya plays four characters here!!!


Aside from being an amazing actress, Yaya is also a really good singer! Check out her songs below:

Make It Happen - DABOYWAY x YAYA

The Rising Sun OST - Yaya x Nadech

Yaya continues to frequently model for national magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Seventeen, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. She is also known as the 'Queen of Presenters' by having more endorsements than any other actresses in Thailand ever!

She is the first Thai actress who received the title of 'Friends of Louis Vuitton' and became the first Thai celebrity featured in US Vogue.

Her closest friends within the industry are Kimberly and Margie, and of course, Nadech!

Nadech and Yaya have been swept up in dating rumours since, well, forever! Both adamantly denying it to the media, all the while giving a sneaky smile to their fans. While they have indirectly pretty much confirmed that their ship is sailing, they are still tight-lipped about their private relationship (which we totally respect, most of the times xD).

Recently they both vacationed together in Norway, in Yaya's hometown!

Are you a fan of Yaya? Which of her dramas made you fall in love with her?

P.S.: Can you actually believe that I started this article in December 2017? Yup, it's true! But I have been in a drama slump for more than a year (hoping Doctor John & Ji  Sung will cure me of that) so I could never actually finish this. Until now!

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