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by HappySqueak on October 3, 2017
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The Big Boss, a recent 2017 Chinese drama, is school themed with the usual mixture of emotions and new experiences for students entering a new grade. So even if you're currently in school, or have graduated many years ago, there can be some moments of self-reflection as you might find yourself relating to some of the shenanigans carried out. 

Maybe not so much the over exaggerated moments depicted but that essence of youth, friendship and the moments of dealing with someone who makes you incredibly frustrated.

School Drama

What can we expect in a school drama, varying levels of student study, from the bottom grades to the top, they will find their way to navigate their way through a school setting dynamic.

The students in this cast are very delightful, each with brimming personalities not to mention a popular Idol who is in Class D that arrives a day late.

Even a couple teachers who have some memorable moments and lines will be sure to catch your attention.  


The actors portraying students in this drama, present a lighter happier go lucky persona of students in Class D, the lowest ranking class. You can't help but feel they are each so unique and in the moment compared to a rigid study until you drop type of personality in students that would be higher up in the grade ranks. The opening song might remind you a little of happy anime opening themes. Here is a look at the opening with some behind the scenes of the song recording:

Light and Fluffy

I would say this is definitely light watching, so if you need a break from heavy melodramatics, long family feuds stories, historical or office political dramas this could be a great one to marathon and one to make you smile!

I am sure we have all experienced this at one point or another:


The episodes are short enough that you could easily watch a few in one sitting.

The Female Lead

Lee Eleanoras Ye MuXi is utterly delightful and her character portrays a huge imagination that sparks much fun through her outlandish daydreams. She definitely has what you could call 'an old school' kid vibe about her where her life is not entirely dependent upon a mobile device. Instead, we see her doodling her frustrations, or venting them through various imaginative scenarios.

She then proceeds to have an important discussion with the creatures of her imagination on how to handle the Class Monitor Situation. They encourage her to become the Class Monitor!



She is cute, quirky and maybe a little over the top in her exaggerations, but this is part of her charm and it will really grow on you. Her past involves her incredible annoyance of being in the same class as the male lead since primary school. She believes her next grade and a new school will free her of him. She is shocked and disappointed to find out not only is he attending, but missing one test has dropped this genius student right into her class once again! She finally decides to challenge him for the position of "Class Monitor" which he has successfully retained in every class they have had together.

And so her beginning of being "The Big Boss" begins.

732pwAO1_bc56eb_f.jpgb3E0lBEL_93d643_f.jpg(Oh it's on!!)

The Male Lead

Liao Dan Yi (played by HuangJun Jie) has always been a devoted class monitor, with a no-nonsense attitude he appears as a highly intelligent guy who might seem a little cold at first. He's also very easy on the eyes! However, he has been a long time neighbour to MuXi, and you might get a sense of an unspoken attraction he has toward her. However, he does a great job keeping his feelings under wraps.

It gives off a sense of curiosity to the viewer as to when and if he will confess these feelings to her. For the most part, they usually battle out their varying opinions very openly with each other. If this is opposites attract, it is sure playing out in a fun and enjoyable bantering way.


A Chinese Drama

I sometimes find Chinese Dramas can be often underrated, and while they might totally own other dramas in areas of fantasy CGI and other special effects storytelling. This slice of life drama has been really fun to follow. I hope you all will enjoy it!

A YoYo Television Series Exclusive you can start watching the series on their YouTube. 

Thanks for reading! Are you watching this drama? Do you like it?

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