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Annyeong, chingus!

The problems with writing 'Top 5 (insert anything drama related here) of (insert year)' articles is the fact that a lot of potentially good ones are left out because you're only choosing the best ones. So, I had this brilliant (okay, maybe not ^^) idea to break that article into three parts (or four, if required). That way, hopefully, we'll be able to encompass all the possible options and not just the great/ best ones. So here we go!

Who doesn't love bromances, right? If bromance is written and acted in a good way, it has the potential of making (with its exceptions) a great drama out of a good one, a good drama out of an enjoyable one, an enjoyable drama out of a bearable one and - well, you get the gist. With time, we are starting to see more and more bromances in dramas, and that's a very welcomed aspect!

The year 2017 has so far blessed us with many bromances. Some we loved, some we liked. So here are those bromances:

Note 2: For this article, I'm only considering the dramas that began and ended in 2017I've only included the dramas that have already ended - aside from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which is almost over - as well.

# Yoo So Joon & Kang Ki Doong (Tomorrow With You)

 My Rating:  1280px-1.5_stars.svg.png

Yoo So Joon is a time traveler. And aside from the mysterious ahjussi, Kang Ki Doong is the only person who knows this secret. They are best friends, and it shows throughout the drama. 

Can this actually be considered a bromance? I'm not sure. But I'm putting it here just in case. If this was a bromance, it sure wasn't a memorable one. Yes, their friendship was nice and they had their moments. But that's about it. 


# Ahn Min Hyuk & In Gook Doo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

My Rating: 2000px-2_stars.svg.png

Ahn Min Hyuk is the CEO of Ainsoft, where Bong Soon works, and In Gook Doo is Bong Soon's childhood friend. There is a lot going on between the three of them. But aside from the obvious love triangle, the two men also get involved in their own bromance, which made quite a few hilarious moments for the viewers.

I feel cheated. When the promotional stills, videos, and BTS were released, there was this buzz, and I admit I was swept away in it too, that we were going to this brilliant bromance. But frankly speaking, we didn't. Sure, there was something in the first few episodes.(I say 'something' because I'm not sure if the drunk dance thing was actually bromance. It could be, but since I'm not sure, I'll leave it to you to decide.) Not to mention the fact that about half of those bromance moments were in someone's imagination. Does that count? Again, I'm not sure. Adding to that is the factor that after about halfway through the series, their characters hardly ever interact. So the bromance, at least for me, fell flat.

Don't get me wrong, the drama is really good, the romance is adorable. It's just the bromance I'm disappointed in.

[Based on 12 episodes released so far. So, if any bromance moment happens in the last four episodes, which seems unlikely, my rating will change accordingly.]


# Choo Nam Ho & Kim Sung Ryong (Chief Kim)

My Rating: 2000px-3_stars.svg.png

Kim Sung Ryong enters TQ as the new Chief of Business Operations and Choo Nam Ho is suspicious of him at first (well, he's not the only one). But as time passes, he slowly begins to admire and respect Sung Ryong. Nam Ho respects him because Chief Kim was able to do something that he could never do because he lacked the courage. From thereon, Nam Ho begins to help Chief Kim in his shenanigans - ehrm, I meant his "world-changing plans."

Again, not sure if this one could be qualified as a bromance. But I considered it one, so I'm putting it here. Nam Ho and Chief Kim's relationship couldn't be described in one word. Sometimes he was a mentor (giving him work related advice), sometimes a father, sometimes a wife (cooking for him and taking care of him). Their moments were very enjoyable to watch.


# Park Myeong Seok & Chief Kim (Chief Kim)

My Rating: 1280px-4_stars.svg.png

Myeong Seok is the bratty son of the chairman of TQ Group. His father always belittles him because of his behaviour. He wants things to go his way, even if he has to intimidate others into doing it. Chief Kim is the first person who stands up to him and shows him that social hierarchy isn't everything.

This wasn't a particularly strong bromance. Which is obvious, because this wasn't the main bromance. But it wasn't any less enjoyable. I, for one, always looked forward to their interactions. At first, it was because their scenes were so hilarious, but then they changed to heartwarming. Both characters changed so much from the first time they encountered each other, and it was just so pleasant to see. Unlike the main bromance, which maintained its love-hate aspect to the end, this one turned more heartwarming after about the halfway (more or less) mark.

I consider Myeong Seok to be a good, if not one of the best examples of character growth and development in a drama. And we can't deny the fact that part of his personality change was definitely because of Chief Kim. So what if he scared him into it?


# Seo Yool & Chief Kim (Chief Kim)

My Rating: 2000px-5_stars.svg.png

(Yes, another Chief Kim bromance.)

Seo Yool and Chief Kim (a.k.a. Gluttonous Sociopath and TQ's Psycho, respectively)  stand sometimes on the same side of the line, other times on the opposite. But regardless of where they stand, they always manage to have some bromance moments.

Definitely the best bromance of 2017, so far! If you enjoy love-hate bromances, then this is your thing. If you don't, you're still going to love them! They are just so cute together. All their bromance moments are hilarious and immensely enjoyable. Lots of kissing and other actions too. *wink, wink* 



These are the bromances that I haven't gotten the chance to see. Yet. I found out about them browsing the internet and from my fellow MDL chingus. Since I haven't seen them, naturally, I can't rate them. So I'll leave rating them to the people who have actually seen them.

# Eun Hwan Ki & Kang Woo Il (Introverted Boss)


                                      # The Cellmates (Defendant)


# Seo Jun Oh, Lee Yeol, and Choi Tae Ho (Missing 9)



The ratings are according to my personal opinion. Feel free to agree or disagree with them and rate them according to your own enjoyment! If you think I forgot any, make sure to comment! 

Which bromance was your favorite of 2017 so far?

So, that's all for the first installment. Hopefully, I'll see you in a few months with the second part of this article. Till then, let's pray to the drama Gods that more good bromances keep coming our way!