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by AnanyaS on May 1, 2017
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Remember that first time you found out about Asian dramas? Maybe a friend recommended it to you, maybe you found it while browsing the internet, or maybe you were an avid anime watcher who found out about the live action versions. No matter how you found out about it, your first reaction was, most probably, skepticism. Watching something in a language that you don't understand a word of? Watching something with subtitles? Why would you watch it? Wouldn't you rather watch something that...well, you actually understand? [Maybe the anime-watchers didn't have the same problem since they'd been already watching the subbed animes. In that case, they probably skipped this stage.] Then by some chance, or maybe because of your persistent friend, or more likely because of your own curiosity, you finally watched that first episode. And the rest, as they say, is history.



This stage begins when you've completed your first drama. By now, you've figured out that Asian dramas are no joke. Now that you've begun this journey, you're just so excited for all that's to come. There are plenty of dramas out there. This stage of drama addiction is usually spent googling "Top ten Asian (K/J/C/TW) dramas" or "Most popular Asian dramas". And when you see the number of results on these popular searches, you practically squeal with glee. Because there are just so many dramas out there...just waiting for you to watch them...and love them.



This is the stage that you encounter when you've watched at least 20 or so dramas, within a very short time-span. You know you're running on a track that leads towards drama addiction, but that's not really gonna stop you, is it? So you deny, deny, deny. Deny the fact that you're starting to get kinda addicted to the dramas. Deny the fact that just because you're sacrificing your sleep for a single, which turns into multiple, episode(s) of drama, it means you can't quit anytime. Because, of course, you can. You're just watching dramas because you like them. OK, really, really like them. But that's it! It does not mean you're addicted to them. What complete and utter nonsense!


#4: FEAR 

Denial never really lasts long, does it? The 4th stage is when you are aware of the fact that you've, to put it bluntly, become addicted to dramas. You've been watching them day in and day out. Sacrificed your social life for them. You've lost the sense of time. Now the fear begins to creep in.  Even when you're not watching dramas, you're thinking about them. Are you spending too much time on dramas? You know the answer to that question very well, and that's the fact that scares you. 



This is the last stage of drama addiction. You've accepted the fact that there's no going back. Dramas have become an essential part of your life. 

Acceptance is the first step towards curing an addiction. But unfortunately, or fortunately - depends on how you look at it - there's no cure for drama addiction. Unless real life steps in!


This is a just-for-fun article. I'm sure none of us are actually 'addicted' to dramas. Oops, looks like I'm still stuck in the 'Denial' stage. ^_~

Thanks for reading!

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