by thatseelyah, July 18, 2017

Korean dramas are just like Disney movies, they enchant and encourage us. We get to see our heroes and heroines fall in love and overcome obstacles. Being a Disney fan, I put together a list of dramas that are just like Disney princess movies.

Mulan - You're Beautiful


Mulan tells a story of a girl, who takes her father's place to join the war and save China. Just like Mulan,  Park Shin Hye plays Go Mi Nyeo, a girl who takes her twin brother's place to save a boyband. Along the way, she deals with keeping her identity a secret and learns how to become a man/idol with the help of friends.


The Little Mermaid - Surplus Princess

Surplus Princess deals with a mermaid who is in love with a famous chef, so she decides to trade her fins for legs. Unlike the Disney version of The Little Mermaid, she does get to keep her voice, and the sea witch is rooting for her to fall in love before her time is up.


Princess and the Frog - Secret Garden


Princess and the Frog is a story about a hard working girl and a prince, but due to a voodoo man, the prince is cursed and turns into a frog. The only way to break the curse is with a kiss. Unfortunately, the kiss wasn't true loves kiss, and she also turns into a frog. Secret Garden is kind of like that but without them turning into frogs. They swap bodies! I don't remember how they broke the spell, maybe true loves kiss?


Frozen - Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince doesn't deal with magic ice powers like Frozen, and Frozen doesn't really deal with time travelling power rangers. But the story does deal with sisters that are just like the Frozen sisters. Like Elsa, Se-Na is definitely cold-hearted to her sister, Park Ha, who only wanted to be best friends and build a snowman.


Beauty and the Beast - Kill Me Heal Me


Seven personalities. One man. Who could ever love a beast? Just like in Beauty and the Beast, a man "kidnaps" a psychologist in order to help him turn back into a man.

Brave - Marry Him if You Dare

Brave tells a story of a girl who wants to take charge of her own destiny. Marry Him if You Dare is just like that. A future self appears in front of Mi-Rae, who tries to stop her from falling in love and marrying some loser. If you could change your fate, would you?


Tangled - Flower Boy Next Door


Flower Boy Next Door is the modern day Rapunzel story. Park Shin Hye plays Go Dok Mi, who locks herself in her own tower, away from the world. With the help of a charming hero Enrique, who helps her break out of her tower one step at a time.

Cinderella - The Heirs

There are many Cinderella stories in Korean dramas. A rich prince rescues a poor frizzy haired girl from debt and treats her to all the finer things in life, which includes a new straightener and 57 dresses. 

In Heirs, Lee Min Ho plays our prince to Park Shin Hye, but he's actually more like a fairy handsome godmother.





What other dramas do you think are like Disney movies?

Xoxo Thatseelyah