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Kim Seol Woo "K" & Yeo Woon Gwang (Man To Man)

Kim Seol Woo aka K is a successful secret agent. To complete his newest mission, he has to take the job of being the personal bodyguard of popular actor Yeo Woon Gwang. And that's how their bromance began: K began to help Woon Gwang with everything, from getting rid of a clingy ex-girlfriend to secret food runs at night - and that made him quite useful in Woon Gwang's eyes.  

Unfortunately, after seeing the first few episodes, I decided that this drama wasn't for me. Because of that, I don't quite know how their bromance turned out to be, whether it was good, or even great, or not. I'll leave it to you guys to tell me how their chemistry turned out!



Park Kwang Ho & Kim Seon Jae (Tunnel

Park Kwang Ho is a detective who lives in the year 1986. While chasing down a criminal through a tunnel, he ends up being transported into future, straight to the year 2017. Here he meets Kim Sun Jae. A few misunderstandings occur during their first meeting so both turn out to be quite wary of the other. But through working with each other on different cases, they slowly turn to trust and rely on each other. 

It was really interesting to watch the closed-off Seon Jae and the big gruff teddy bear Kwang Ho get to know each other. When Seon Jae kept insisting that Kwang Ho should talk to him formally, or when Kwang Ho finally found out why Seon Jae was obsessed with a particular case, and a lot of their other moments - all of them added to the enjoyment of this already immensely enjoyable drama.

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Noh Ji Wook & Ji Eun Hyuk (Suspicious Partner)

Ji Eun Hyuk is a lawyer and also ex-friend of Prosecutor Ji Wook. For some (very obvious) reason, Ji Wook seems to hate Eun Hyuk. But that doesn't deter Eun Hyuk from declaring how much he loves his friend, every time they meet.

A one sided bromance? It can be considered as one, at least in the beginning. But it's clear that even though Ji Wook is putting up a wall on the outside, he actually cares about Eun Hyuk just as much as Eun Hyuk cares about him.

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(Btw, this action scene was daebak!)

Yoo Jin Oh & Han Se Ju (Chicago Typewriter)

Han Se Ju is a brilliant writer who's going through a slump. Yoo Jin Oh is a mysterious person who claims be the ghost-writer of Han Se Ju. Their personalities couldn't be further apart. So when they meet, there are bound to be a few laughs, and even more tears.

My favorite bromance among all the ones on the list. Who doesn't love a hate/love bromance? But that wasn't all this was about. Sure, at first, it was about the push-and-pull between these two. But later on, the reluctant (mainly from Se Ju's part) friendship that they formed, how they both bonded with each other, everything about their relationship was heartwarming.




(Just looking at Jin Oh's expression makes me want to cry. Writing this article has made all my feels for this drama come back.)


a.k.a Minor Bromances
a.k.a Maybe this wasn't actually intended to be a bromance, but my fangirl heart couldn't not notice them:

Lee Ji Hoon & MC Drill (Hit The Top)

Ji Hoon & MC Drill have been friends for years, ever since they first met at Star Punch agency. Drill is also secretly using Ji Hoon's spare room as his living place. They are both each other's best supporters and cheerleaders.

MC Drill was most definitely intended to be a comic relief character. And he was certainly funny. He never failed to crack up the viewers with his comments and actions, but his friendship with Ji Hoon was one of the highlights of the drama. Even when one of them failed, the other one was the first person to come and provide comfort.



Jang Do Han & Kim Eun Joong  (Lookout/The Guardians)

Jang Do Han & Kim Eun Joong are both prosecutors who work at the same office. While they both may be fighting for the same thing, their methods could not be more different.

All this 'bromance' consisted of were a few witty comments from Jang Do Han, which were mostly done either to get a rise out of Kim Eun Joong, or to surreptitiously get him to do something for him.

The fakest bromance you'll probably ever see. Why did I still include it? I guess I just liked watching their scenes. Because even if I knew the friendship was fake, I really wished it was true. That at least one of them would see that their goals were the same and stop detesting each other. And maybe, in a way it did happen (see: their scene in the last episode.)



Noh Ji Wook & Chief Bang (Suspicious Partner)

Chief Bang & Noh Ji Wook used to work in the same office together. At least until one of them had to leave. But that doesn't put a halt on their relationship. Chief Bang helps Ji Wook in every possible way he can and in a way, he's the only friend that Ji Wook has. (Aside from the uninvited Eun Hyuk, that is.)

Ji Wook was so cute and adorable when he would give Chief Bang these puppy dog looks to convey how lonely he was. Their relationship  was one of the best parts of the drama for me. 



Kim Joon Hyuk & Lee Ho Soo (Circle

Kim Joon Hyuk is a detective who enters Smart Earth because of an investigation. Lee Ho Soo is the peacemaker of Smart Earth who is asked to show Joon Hyuk around and "aid" him in his investigation.

Given there were only 30 minutes (per episode) for the Smart Earth story, there weren't that many scenes with these two, especially given the fact that there was a lot of other important stuff going on. But the few moments where Joon Hyuk teased Ho Soo about being emotionless, and him reacting to it, were fun to watch. Their back-and-forth made them such a cute bromantic couple.

*Spoiler (select text to read):

The real bromance started way after the teasing of the first few episodes, though. These two bonded and kept getting closer despite the ups and downs they experienced throughout the story.



Yoo Hyun Jae & Lee Gwang Jae (Hit The Top)

Yoo Hyun Jae, who used to be part of popular 90's pop group J2, has time-travelled into the future. Gwang Jae used to be Hyun Jae's manager(/friend). They both meet again in the year 2017.

Their friendship was one of the most heartwarming scenes that viewers got to see in this drama. I personally loved every single one of their scenes. Spoiler (select text to read):

Especially when in the last episode, Gwang Jae says to Da Bbong "I know it's late, but let's grow old together from now on."




Park Kwang Ho & Jun Sung Shik (Tunnel)

Park Kwang Ho is a police detective from 1988, who time travels to the year 2017 while chasing a culprit. Sung Shik is the chief of the police department in 2017.

I actually loved their bromance way before I loved the main bromance. They were both so funny together, it was hard not to like their scenes.



Which of these bromances was your favorite?

If you think I forgot any, make sure to comment!

Until next time~

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