by zia, August 26, 2017

Plot x Thoughts


I'm pretty sure you've watched the previous school series of KBS. My personal favourite was School 2015 because of Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae. Don't mind me, I'm being biased here lmao. Anyway, after two years, KBS finally released School 2017 that shows another struggle that teenagers are facing right now. But this time, it focuses on the discrimination of the school, ranks and grades. 

The students of Geumdo High School (correct me if I'm wrong) are being treated differently according to their ranks. That discrimination was clearly shown in the first episode of the drama already. And this word they always use to describe students with low ranks bothers me. 'Delinquent' is the word they always use and it's somehow bothering me for no reason (or I just can't pinpoint the reason yet). 

Money equals power. As usual, in the K-drama land, if you don't have the money, then you don't have the power at all. In this drama, that was clearly shown and it's really sad and unfair for students who aren't capable—financially—at all. The school values money more than the rules it has. If a rich student is in trouble against a student who is poor and with low rank, the school will automatically side with the rich student and punish the poor student who didn't do anything at all.

Unfair, right. That infuriates me so much. Oh, I almost forgot about one student that's making a commotion around their school. This student they call 'X'. He wears a black hoodie and causes trouble. But this trouble is for justice and against the corruption of the school. So the school is currently looking for who this 'X' is so he could stop causing problems to the school. You know this whole hoodie thing reminds me of Pretty Little Liars.

The drama has 16 episodes (THANK GOD HUHU) and right now, episode 9 just finished airing. So you still have time to catch up. Many people have mixed feelings about this drama because of their own reasons and tastes. But personally, I'm liking it. It's just that every episode you'll experience a roller coaster of emotions. Plus there is a romance building up on the side to brighten everyone's heart lmao. 


Ra Eun Ho


She is our main character and the protagonist of the story that is being portrayed by Gugudan's Kim Se Jung. She was living the not-so-normal life of a high schooler until one night something happened in the school's teacher's office where the students are off-limits. She was caught inside the teacher's office with a fire and a broken window. Did she do it? Of course not. That student 'X' caused the trouble and since the teachers came late, she was the one to blame. As usual, they needed someone to blame to end the problem (but actually, it doesn't end there). 

Eun Ho loves to draw in her mini-notebook and has a dream of entering Hanguk University but her grades are very low and so is her rank. Since having a demerit is a minus to entering the university, she has to find the real 'X' to clear up her name.

Hyun Tae Woon


He is the son of the school's director. Everyone is scared to mess up with him since he has all the power he can get. This character is being played by Kim Jung Hyun. He reminds me so much of Kim Woo Bin during The Heirs days. I'm pretty sure you've seen him before in Jealousy Incarnate and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. I'm glad he finally has a lead role that suits him. 

Tae Woon is tough on the outside but really caring on the inside. I don't know 'bout you, but I'm liking his character. Everyone thinks of him as a rude person and a spoiled brat since he's the director's son but he actually isn't. *sigh* Everyone's so judgmental these days. 

 Song Dae Hwi


Yes, he is the guy from Solomon's Perjury, Jang Dong Yoon. He is the top 1 in the class and has the highest rank. He comes from a poor family but since he has the highest rank, they don't do anything to him. He is also the President of the class. He helps tutor someone in their class since it pays him off really well. He is currently struggling to go to Seoyul University since I think it's the best school (I'm not sure). Well, seems like almost everyone wants to go to that law school.

Teacher Shim x Officer Han Soo Ji


These two somehow always work together since the focus is in the class of Teacher Shim. These characters are played by Han Joo Wan (Teacher Shim) and Secret's Han Sun Hwa (Officer Han). They work together to catch 'X' and offer some counselling whenever there's a fight in his class. Teacher Shim's job is a very tiring one because as much as he wants to be fair, he can't because of the corrupted system of the school. He struggles to help the students but at the same time he wants to keep his job. 

Oh Sa Ran x Yoon Kyung Woo x Issue


Sa Rang (Park Se Wan) is Eun Ho's best friend who is also a fan of Issue, a member of a K-pop boy group who just transferred to their school recently. 


Does this guy look familiar to you? Well, he was also part of Solomon's Perjury as Bae Joon Yeong. But now, he is Yoon Kyung Woo, a guitarist and a singer-songwriter. He often brings his guitar whenever you see him. Seo Ji Hoon is such a cutie. I just love him more when he smiles.


This is Issue. His real name here is Kang Hyun Il and is being played by SF9's Ro Woon. He doesn't appear much in the drama but I'm pretty sure he has a story that will soon be revealed. Well, I hope it will be sooner since we have 6 episodes left after episode 10 will air tonight.

And there you have it. I'm stopping it here because there are a lot of students in that class. But if you want to know them all, you better start watching. Thanks for reading!