by AnanyaS, November 15, 2017

I consider myself somewhat of an expert at dropping dramas. OK, clearly, I'm kidding. But, can you believe that I have dropped more than half the number of dramas I've completed? It's not really something to be happy about, but strangely, I am.

Anyway, getting to the main point. Sometimes, it's better to drop a drama instead of trying to complete it, mainly because you're just not invested in it anymore. Not only does it save your valuable time, but you also get to watch something else that you may actually like. But when is the 'right' time to drop a drama?

Listed here are five signs that it's most probably time to drop that drama!

#5: It's Just Not For You

More often than you'd expect, you come across dramas that are just... not your thing. It's not that the drama is good or bad,  that wouldn't even matter to you. Because you wouldn't have liked it anyway.

At this point, if you realize that the drama in itself didn't have anything to offer you, it's probably better to drop it. Of course, if that's the case, it would be probably better to not watch it at all. But if you come across a drama in this category that's super popular, it's almost a given that you'll get curious enough to try. If, by a miracle, you then happen to like or love that drama, great! If not, it would probably be better to drop it! 

#4: It Lost Its Initial Charm

You know those dramas that start out really, really good, or at least watchable, but somewhere along the way, you just lose interest in them? Those are the ones I'm talking about.

It could be that the quality of drama itself lowered episode by episode, which caused you to lose interest in it. Or it could be that the drama remained the same but you were the one who lost interest in it. No matter the reason, the result remains the same. Which is, you've lost your initial interest and are just not invested in the drama anymore. If you figure that out, it's probably better to drop that drama, instead of completing it just for the sake of it. 

#3: The Plot Is A Mess

Once in a while, you'd come across a drama where the plot is... well, a mess, to put it bluntly. It could be right from the start, or it could be in the latter half that the story starts to derail. It's like the writers lost their vision of what they wanted the drama to be. Watching those dramas can often lead to you shaking your head in disbelief and wondering, "What the hell am I even watching?!"

Of course, sometimes the messy plot can ironically turn out to be really engaging, in a 'so bad it's good' way. But if it doesn't, to save yourself from some rather frustrating moments, it's probably better to drop that drama! 

#2: The Story Isn't Moving Forward

As a viewer, it could be really annoying when a drama you were invested in gets infected with fillers. The story moves at a snail's pace. Instead of getting to the main point, the story goes round and round in circles. It's a vicious cycle of frustrations. When you are sure that the drama is just going to mess with you right until the last few episodes, it's probably better to drop it. 

#1: You Have Absolutely No Interest In The Drama... At All

Sometimes, even if it's a minor character or a side story, the smallest things can make us want to finish the drama, even if there's nothing appealing about the main story/couple/characters. But what if you can't muster up even the slightest interest in anything about a drama? Not the main story, not the side story, not the second leads... nothing about that drama is engaging enough. It could be that the drama in itself isn't that bad, but you still can't quite connect with it. Or it could be that the drama is just plain boring. In any case, rather than just finishing it halfheartedly, it's most probably better to drop it. 

Noticed how I emphasized the word 'probably'? That's because, at the end, it's entirely up to you whether or not to drop a drama. As a viewer, you get to decide whether or not, despite the above-mentioned reasons, the drama deserves your time.

It could be just because the drama stars your favorite actor or actress, or it could be simply because you like to finish what you start, or it could be because you want to write honest reviews. It could be anything that makes you want to finish a drama. However, if at any point you decide that you have no interest in the drama, and would rather not complete it just for the sake of completing it... DROP IT!

Do you tend to drop dramas or do like to see them through, despite anything? Do comment!

Thanks for reading!

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