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While watching Nobunaga Concerto and Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie I noticed Mukai Osamu, along with Yamada Takayuki, and of course Oguri Shun who played the lead. Something about Japanese traditional men's clothing makes me very happy.

The other movies  I have seen him in are:

  • Hanamizuki -  I describe this more of a life journey that contains a love story.  It is a good move and while he in a support role it is a pivotal one. The lead in this is Ikuta Toma.
  • Paradise Kiss - was ok.  Not one of my favourites, but it is a good movie.
  • My Pretend Girlfriend - Huh... What did I just watch... I don't understand...

Dramas include:

  • Byakuyako- I don't even remember him, and I just watched this two weeks ago.  This show is dark, but addicting.  The lead is Yamada Takayuki
  • Regatta - About a college sailing club with Matsuda Shota it is another guest role. This drama is flat sort of, very predictable and, well, almost boring.
  • Nodame Cantabile if you haven't seen this you need to, and all of its spin-off movies.  Another classic that makes on many peoples' favourites list.
  • Bambino! With Matsumoto Jun and Karina you would think that this drama would be amazing. It's not. It's ok, but EXTREMELY predictable.
  • Hachimitsu to Clover - I recommend this drama and the previous movie that was made in 2006 it is a very good story about friendship.
  • Seigi no Mikata - I hated this at first. I watched this for a challenge requirement. But thinking back now, not that it was bad, it's that I hate bullying of any kind, even if it is for someone's own good.

So now that I have proven my credentials to write this stalker's guide, let's proceed. : )


Name: Mukai Osamu
Japanese: 向井理 (むかい おさむ)

Early Life

One of two brothers. His father is self-employed and his mother is a former English teacher. He was a cheeky boy who was into doing sports such as football (article writer is going to assume soccer).

"My parents [had a] laissez-faire [attitude] to [us kids], but strict on manners and courtesy. My father continued [to tell us], "Do what I want to do and live," my mother accepted the entertainment world debut at once. I respect such parents more than anyone."

He graduated from Meiji University, and majored in genetic engineering. He loved large animals and was aiming veterinarian. 1 Nagori, go on to Meiji University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Life Sciences, major in genetic engineering at college." Determination of control elements that activate chicken ovalbumin gene only in oviduct tissue in response to estrogen ",

He received the "Best Poster Award" at the International Zoological Genetics Conference in 2004.

Picture from 2009 Osharism

While he was attending university, he was deciding whether to go to the graduate school or to work while in his fourth year. He was encouraged by a company that owned a cafe bar to work for them. He worked as a bartender for six years. 

He became a full-time employee there after graduation, and he became a manager later.  While working as a bartender, he got into the magazine Tokyo Graffiti. He was working near Yutenji Station when people such as Brother Tom, Hayami Mokomichi, Papaya Suzuki and Harada Taizo visited. During this time he had  a guest spot with Brother Tom in Regatta.

Pictures taken for articles named "Ikemen" and "Omotesando" were posted in the magazine "Tokyo Graffiti" and his picture was voted fourth most handsome. That picture caught the attention of the scouting manager for the Hori Agency and she encouraged him to join the entertainment industry.

02.02.2013 (2 February) of Arashi ni Shiyagare

His hobbies are football, alcohol, cooking, bouldering (indoor rock climbing). His soccer history was over 12 years, and he  was longing to meet former Japan representative Masami Ihara when he was a kid. Also, he was a big fan of J League, Yokohama F · Marinos. In the past, he had a part-time job as a ball boy at the stadium in Marinos during his school days.

Relationship with Cambodia

We Can't Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia was filmed in Cambodia and he fell in love with country while there, calling it his "second home". In 2011, it became the first "Japan / Cambodia Goodwill Ambassador " after he was commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Music Video 

  • Wa Ru "I MISS YOU" (April 2008, Universal Sigma)
  • NICO Touches the Walls " Kakera - To All My Thoughts - " (Kuon Record, November 2009)


  • Leading drama "If..." (April 2009, TOKYO FM Hall)
  • The Shape of Things ~ Mononokeatachi ~ (February 2011, Aoyama amphitheater etc. )
  • Mourners (October 19 - October 28, 2012, Parco Theater and others)
  • My brother Onodera's older sister Onoji's older sister (July 12 - August 11, August 22 - August 28, Tennozu Ginga Theater and others)
  • Star regression line (October 2, 2016 - October 30, November 2 - December 1, Tokyo Arts Theater Theater West, etc.)
  • Theater company ☆ New sense line "Seven people of the skull castle" Season style (September 15th - November 3, 2017, IHI Stage Around Tokyo) - Unnoticed Ryuta soldier



  • The Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for GeGeGe no Nyōbō
  • GQ Japan Men of the Year 2010


  • 35th Elan d'or Awards: Best New Actor
  • 32nd Yokohama Film Festival: Best Newcomer for Beck and Hanamizuki
  • 7th TVnavi Drama of the Year 2010: Best Supporting Actor for GeGeGe no Nyōbō
  • 19th Hashida Awards: Best Newcomer

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I enjoyed researching for this article and plan to watch more things with him in it. Be sure to catch his latest movie Itsu Mata, Kimi to Hori Jun Zairai (2017) and his latest dramas, Person Who Loves The Sun: 1964 The Day's Paralympic, Kuroido Goroshi, and You Always Inhabit My Heart all from 2018.

What are your favourite Mukai Osamu dramas?  Comment below.

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