by JustJackieB, October 28, 2017

The drama Vampire Prosecutor will always have a special place in my heart. Why? Because this was the drama that made me take out my Visa Card and become a premium member of Drama Fever. So when I saw Cheo Yong 2 and noticed that the leading actors from Vampire Prosecutor 2 were guest stars in Cheo Yong 2, I got excited all over again. Maybe they would make a Vampire Prosecutor 3.


In the first episode, Lee Young Ah plays a murder victim.

I did not recognize her at first without her signature bob.  Her Cheo Yong 2 scene reminded me of her scene in the first season of Vampire Prosecutor. When Prosecutor Min had to kick that guy’s butt for messing with “his woman” (fingers crossed for a romantic scene in VP 3). Yeah, I know there is no romance in VP (let me dream).

In this same episode, Lee Kyung Young from Vampire Prosecutor 2 plays the Chief police officer

I must admit he is one sexy man. When I see him in a drama I give the drama seven points just because he is in it. 

Shoot, they can have his picture in a picture frame and I'll give the drama a 7.

The first episode had three leading actors from Vampire Prosecutor 2. The third one is  Lee Won Jong

In Cheo Yong 2, he plays a drunk and perverted ghost.

In the third episode, Jang Hyun Sung plays a fake shaman

This was a refreshing change from his usual button-down, serious role he usually plays. 

In this same episode, the villain is played by Kwon Hyun Sang of Vampire Prosecutor 2. He plays a drug addict in Cheo Yong 2.  My watch list says I saw three dramas with him in it. I don’t remember him in those dramas. In Vampire Prosecutor 2, he was wearing lifts in his shoes. I notice how tall or short he is in Cheo Yong 2.

In the fifth episode, we see our last two Vampire Prosecutor 2 actors. Park Jae Hoon and Yeon Jung Hoon

Park Jae Hoon plays a businessman investing in child trafficking. Shame on that businessman. 

Last but certainly not least, the actor Yeon Jung Hoo's character plays a low-level police officer in Cheo Yong 2.

Those Cheo Yong directors know how to tease us Vampire Prosecutor fans. 

Vampire Prosecutor drinking his infamous “blood” wine.

Well, I wish one-day Vampire Prosecutor 3 will become a reality. At least just for 3 episodes. Five of the stars did work together even if it was in different 3 episodes.

(Still waiting for Vampire Prosecutor 3!)

What about you? Thanks for reading!

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