by lo_ve, March 22, 2023

Ahn Jae Hong and Esom will officially reunite for the third time.

TVING confirmed on March 22 that Ahn Jae Hong and Esom will be the main leads of the upcoming K-drama LTNS.

LTNS (Long Time No Sex) will tell the story of a married couple who uses the affair of other couples to get money. With this, they will also realize that their relationship has been ruined in the process. According to reports, the different stories of adultery of men and women will be showcased in different episodes. 

The upcoming K-drama will be directed by Moonlit Winter director Im Dae Hyung and Microhabitat writer Jeon Go Woon

According to reports, LTNS will officially premiere this year. 

Ahn Jae Hong will play the role of Samuel. Unlike his gentle appearance, he has a lot of anger inside of him. He graduated from a prestigious university and worked for a large company. He decided to leave his work after struggling with mental illness. He now works as a taxi driver. This will be the third upcoming K-drama of Ahn Jae Hong. He is set to also star in the series Mask Girl and Chicken Nugget.

Esom on the other hand will portray the role of Woo Jin. Although she looks aggressive and goal-oriented, in reality, she is weak-minded. She currently works at the front desk of a three-star hotel. One day, she received an offer that she cannot refuse which leads her to live a bad life. Before she joins LTNS, Esom will first appear in the Netflix original K-drama Black Knight with Kim Woo Bin.

Samuel and Woo Jin have been together as a married couple for five years. They have no family nor children to take care of aside from themselves.


Are you excited to see the reunion project of Ahn Jae Hong and Esom?