by lo_ve, September 8, 2022

Bae Yoo Ram will be added to the cast of the upcoming TVING drama "Yonder."

On September 8th, it was revealed that Bae Yoo Ram will join the cast of the upcoming melodrama "Yonder." His agency Story J Company confirmed the news and asked viewers to look forward to the actor in the series. 

"Yonder" will depict its story from the novel of the same name by Kim Jang Hwan. The drama is set in the 2040s in a large city area in South Korea. The story will revolve around a miserable man who got a mysterious email from his dead wife inviting him to Yonder, an unknown space where they can both meet. The man plans to know more about life, death, and eternal happiness. 

The upcoming series will be led by Shin Ha Kyun, Han Ji Min, Jung Jin Young, Lee Jung Eun, Shin Soo Jung, and Cha Soon Bae

Bae Yoo Ram will play the role of Pro Park, he will be with Shin Ha Kyun's character Jae Hyun and together they will gather all the information about Yonder. 

This will be the next project of Bae Yoo Ram and Shin Ha Kyun together. The two are currently starring in the drama sitcom "Unicorn." 

The series will be directed by Lee Joon Ik who also helmed "The Book of Fish," "Dong Ju: The Portrait of a Poet," and "The King and the Clown." 

"Yonder" will be out on October 14th and it will exclusively premiere on TVING. 

This drama will be the second project of Bae Yoo Ram for 2022. He also made a special appearance in the TVING series "The King of Pigs." It is also expected that the actor will return to the second season "Taxi Driver 2" which will reportedly premiere next year. 

Bae Yoo Ram has starred in several dramas such as "Moonshine," "Taxi Driver," "Less Than Evil," "Untouchable," "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask," "Reply 1988," and more. 


Are you going to watch the premiere of "Yonder"?