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Let's be honest, almost everyone has their eyes on this drama or knows about this drama because of the main cast. The pairing of Yang Yang and Dilraba has definitely caught an immense amount of attention internationally and domestically. But despite the stellar cast, is the story worth watching?

If you're considering starting You Are My Glory, then this article is here to guide you into making that decision.

You Are My Glory is adapted from a web novel by the same name written by Gu Man who is also a screenwriter for this drama.

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers!

Drama Details

Title: You Are My Glory (你是我的荣耀)

Country: China
Episodes: 32
Duration: 35 min.
OG Network: Tencent Video
Aired: July 26, 2021 -August 16, 2021


You Are My Glory tells the story of successful actress, Qiao Jing Jing, and aerospace engineer, Yu Tu.  In high school, Qiao Jing Jing was rejected by Yu Tu. About a decade later, the two meet again through an online game that Qiao Jing Jing endorses. Their relationship begins to develop when Qiao Jing Jing asks Yu Tu to be her gaming coach to prepare her for a gaming competition.

A more in-depth synopsis HERE.

Main Characters

Yang Yang as Yu Tu

Since high school, Yu Tu has been dubbed a genius. He is a reserved and honest individual with a clear passion for aerospace.

Having graduated from Tsinghua University with a finance degree, Yu Tu has the capability to earn a high-paying job. However, he ultimately decides to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an aerospace engineer where he goes on to earn a Ph.D. Many years later, Yu Tu is now an aerospace engineer but circumstances caused him to be faced with an internal conflict: continue following his dream or enter into business for a higher paying job?

At the time when the drama's storyline starts, Yu Tu takes a vacation/leave to focus on making that decision. During this time, he begins playing an online game called 'King of Glory' where he displays great skills. As events unravel, he is asked by the well-known actress and his former classmate, Qiao Jing Jing, to be her gaming coach. 

Dilraba Dilmurat as Qiao Jing Jing

Qiao Jing Jing has a bubbly, down-to-earth, and mischievous personality. In high school, she had a crush on Yu Tu. One day, she mustered up her courage and confessed her feelings to him. Unfortunately, it was an unrequited love.

Now, Qiao Jing Jing has established herself as a well-known actress in the entertainment industry. She's also endorsing the game 'King of Glory.' She's known by the public to be a huge fan of the game, and her skills are not lacking, either. That is until a video leaked showing her horrible gaming skills. To prove to the public that she is indeed good at the game, she signs up for a gaming competition. 

Through her mischievous ideas, Qiao Jing Jing manages to convince Yu Tu to be her gaming coach. Even after so many years, her feelings for him have not changed. She is still captivated by Yu Tu and his passion for aerospace. Qiao Jing Jing is still the one who is pursuing Yu Tu and it comes off very subtle and natural. Will he accept her this time?

Supporting Characters

Pan Yue Ming as Guan Zai

Guan Zai is a senior to Yu Tu. He is also a husband and a father, but due to his job, he's rarely able to spend time with his family.

Hu Ke as Sister Ling

Sister Ling is Jing Jing's agent as well as her close friend. She is married to A Guo and they have one child together.

Tu Song Yan as A Guo

A Guo is Sister Ling's husband. He's a fun and lighthearted character. He was Jing Jing's first coach, but she didn't make much progress so she asked Yu Tu to coach her instead.

Zheng HeHuiZe as Pei Pei

Pei Pei has been Jing Jing's best friend since high school. That also makes her Yu Tu's classmate. She keeps tabs on her former classmates' lives and often gossips about it to Jing Jing.

Wang Yan Lin as Cui Liang

Cui Liang is a good friend of Yu Tu. Unlike Yu Tu, Cui Liang is humorous and outgoing.

Sun Ya Li as Xiao Zhu

Xiao Zhu is Jing Jing's assistant. Like Jing Jing, she also has a bubbly personality.

Things To Note/My Thoughts

The Romance

Do not expect the romance to be full of fluff right from the get-go. It is the kind of romance that needs to be developed naturally and that's exactly what the show does.

What I personally love about the romance here is that it's the small details that will make the audience squeal with joy: the looks they give each other, the smiles they give each other, and the short body contacts. The subtle way that she tries to pursue Yu Tu is also super entertaining to watch.

Yu Tu is at a stage in life where he needs support and Qiao Jing Jing gives him exactly that. The two are also very comfortable with one another. It's interesting to watch them become friends and I can't wait to see it evolve into something more. 

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The Gaming Aspect

Although this drama involves gaming, it is certainly not an e-sports drama. The gaming here is simply a plot device to reunite the leads and develop their relationship from there.

The gaming content is mainly present in the first 8 episodes. From there it shifts focus onto Yu Tu's career and screen time of him and Guan Zai's family (episodes 9 - 12). As I'm writing this, I have only seen 12 episodes but the gaming competition is expected to be in episodes 13 and 14 (judging from the previews). 

After that, if the drama follows the novel, the storyline should not be heavy in gaming.

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The Acting

Personally, I think Yang Yang and Dilraba are portraying their characters perfectly. Yang Yang is doing a wonderful job expressing his emotions through his eyes. Dilraba's acting is effortless and not forced. They have a palpable on-screen and off-screen chemistry. They truly have brought the characters to life.

I've also been impressed with Gao Lu's guest role as Guan Zai's wife. Her acting felt raw and I was able to sympathize with her despite her short screentime.

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Original Soundtrack

Fireworks and Stars 煙火星辰 

Liu Yu Ning

Time Monologue 光阴独白

Lala Hsu

Curley Gao & Mika (INTO1)

Aska Yang

Chen Xue Ran


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Overall, I think it's worth a try just for the cast itself. But I think it's a must-watch for those who enjoyed the web novel because the drama is a great adaptation from what I have seen so far. I hope by now you've decided whether or not to watch this drama.

Lastly, thank you for reading this article!

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