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Hill House


Hill House


Just scroll all the way to the end. Enjoy!

Someone: You can't finish a drama in a day...


Me blocking my SO from touching my computer during drama time like...When someone judges my drama tastes

But in the inside like "waeeeeee?"

When I feel my inner thirsty-ass coming up

.. and oppa be there for me like

You all 90% of the time

After watching my first "tragedy"

Finding another drama-lover in real life like...

Out-of-nowhere plot-twists

Or like

Realizing there's only 2 episodes left.Drama slumps be like..

Avoiding those wild spoilers like..

You like shower scenes?


and my reaction to them shirtless scenes

I mean.. can you blame me? 

When my SO and friends try to get me to go out with them but I'm in the middle of a binge/marathon...

Getting away with whatever excuse I gave them...

My MDL's friend recommending me a strong melo drama, knowing I'm a cry-baby

Me watching it anyways like...

And it feels like this the entire time

Kdrama writers trying to boost those views like...

Kdrama Male Leads be like..

But I'd be like...When Oppa comes on screenWhen the drama I've been waiting for is finally released. 

Someone: What are you doing?


When the drama ends and there's nothing to watch

When they finally kiss


But it was a "dead fish, deer in headlights" kiss

But then wild bed scene appears..

Actual footage of me... Someone: there's this new drama..

Me: I'm listeningRunning away from responsibilities to watch dramas like...10 minutes into kdramas and chill and he gives you this look

Trying to act cool after someone tells me they liked the drama I recommended.

Lets watch a drama...

Me: Someone: That drama is bad

Me, an intelectual: 

when is 5 am and I realize I have to be up in 2 hours but I stayed up watching dramas ......but  doing it all over again the next day...
Dropping those dramas like they're hot...Picking the drama up again because that's just who I am

When the drama has a sad ending

 When someone criticizes my favorite dramas 

Shamelessly stealing these gifs from Tumblr like...


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