by Lara, February 6, 2019

Hi there and welcome to the MDL Best of 2018: Chinese edition based on the write-ins and the subsequent poll based on those results. The write ins were accepted in December and the poll for those results was taken by January 17th.  You, the fans, chose these as the Best of 2018.  Like all fan polls, don't lose any sleep if your favorites didn't win. 

The 2018 winners are...

Best Chinese Drama of 2018

Ashes of Love


Best Chinese Movie of 2018

Us and Them


Best Historical Drama

Story of Yanxi Palace


Best Wuxia/Xianxia Drama

Ashes of Love


Best Romance/Comedy Drama

The Eternal Love 2


Best School/Youth Drama

Meteor Garden


Best Bromance

F4 (Meteor Garden)


Best Novel/Manhua/Webtoon Adaptation

Ashes of Love


Best Chinese Actor

Deng Lun (Ashes of Love)


Best Chinese Actress

Yang Zi (Ashes of Love)


Best Chinese Supporting Actor

Leo Luo (Ashes of Love)


Best Chinese Supporting Actress

Qin Lan (Story of Yanxi Palace)


Best Couple

Deng Lun & Yang Zi (Ashes of Love)


Best Soundtrack

Ashes of Love


What do you think about the results?
Thanks for voting!