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Hi, I'm Lara, nice to meet you! :)

I used to watch only Korean dramas until I discovered Chinese dramas and now I'm totally in love with Cdramas. I watch almost nothing else now. Unfortunately a lot of them don't have subs but there are still many dramas that have subs :) I dream that one day every Cdrama will be subbed just like Kdramas. And I want to go to China once! I'm trying to learn Chinese now but it's really hard.

I'm still pretty new to MDL so my list isn't complete yet. I only added what I watched in the last months, I was too lazy to add all the old ones haha.

My first Chinese drama and still one of my absolute favorites is Love Me If You Dare. Such an amazing drama! I have watched it three times already.

I recently fell totally in love with Jin Dong and Ma Yi Li in The First Half of My Life. I hope that there will be a second season! We need "The Second Half of My Life" lol.


Please feel free to send me a friend request if you want to talk about dramas! :) In real life I don't know anyone around me who watches Cdramas, so I sometimes feel a little bit frustrated when I want to fangirl haha. I'm glad that I discovered MDL!


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