by Akage Girl, December 13, 2019

My heart is breaking… I miss it SOOOOO much… ALL those awesome characters

For the past four months, I’ve binge-watched classics such as Ashes of Love and Goblin. I’ve consumed funny and strange shows like Meteor Garden 2018 and Her Private Life. I’ve even been touched revisiting Hotel Del Luna and Splash Splash Love over and over. But now… I’m stuck. My remote batteries are running low on juice because I keep changing shows, faster than I can change a light bulb or those darn fading batteries. Nothing. I find absolutely NOTHING to watch to compare to those friends I have left behind (after watching for like 2 or 3 times or 20 Hotel Del Luna). I’m in a SHOW HOLE (google it if you don’t believe me).

Is it me or the shows? There is nothing left to watch. I have a list… no, really, I do. Please let me know if I should keep watching or drop these shows or continue to diligently search for the next Eternal Love or Man to Man. Please remember that the two most important characteristics (for me… I’m writing the article after all) in a show are humour and pretty (people or scenery… doesn’t matter). I always like a good story but NOT if I need therapy afterwards.

Should I keep watching the story of Tong Nian & Han Shang Yan?

Go Go Squid – Love, Love, Love Yang Zi after Ashes of Love and yes, she is pretty to watch and so is Li Xian for that matter. But I couldn’t make it past her making the meal for him during episode 1, and I’m having a hard time liking either character. BORING! So far, the scenery is NOT interesting to me, and I do not find the first episode at all appealing. How far do I need to watch before this becomes interesting? Will this ever get lighthearted? Will it make me laugh or will this drag along like a heavy wet blanket for the umpteenth episode?

Player – This show is just alright. I made it to the end of the 1st episode, and I’m not totally turned off. BUT Player is certainly not attractive nor remotely delightful except for Song Seung Heon. If a show says it’s a comedy, can I see that in the first episode, PLEASE!?! Does Players get more comical or more engaging? I think this show is stringing me along, tempting me with comic relief that will never appear.

Oh, Park Hyung Shik… When will you show up in The Heirs?

The Heirs – I sorta like Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), but so far I hate, and I do mean HATE everyone else. There are some truly nasty people in episode 1. The first few episodes have a lot of scenes in Southern California, a place where I lived for many years. Now I watch to see if I recognize the shooting locations. Also, it's snowy here in New England, so I find it comforting to look at a little sun and sand. However, this show is NOT funny NOR marginally pretty. When does Park Hyung Shik’s character come in? Is it worth the wait?

Bad Guys – This show HAS a good story, and YEAH! Park Hae Jin, but it ISN’T funny, and it ISN’T pretty. I’ll finish it because of Park Hae Jin, but I’d like a little laugh or at least crack a smile watching this. Maybe after the holidays when I’m okay with depressing and gritty shows, I’ll complete the last 3 episodes.

Deng Lun… can’t help but watch just for him

Blossom in the Heart – I’m up to episode 4. It's okay, but I’m not engaged yet. It IS pretty (scenery and people), especially with Deng Lun playing the playboy Lang Yue Xuan and Li Yi Tong is doing a fairly decent job portraying the strong-willed heroine Gu Hai Tang. So far, it's NOT very funny, and I’m not even a quarter of the way through and its dragging (you know the way some C-dramas drag - like my feet when I'm forced to clean)… not a good sign.

Cheese in the Trap – I’m skipping around this show hoping against hope that I learn to love the lead characters because they are played by Park Hae Jin (#1 Oppa on my List!) and Kim Go Eun (2nd favourite Korean actress). It's NOT nice to look at, and it certainly is not getting more humorous no matter how much I fast forward through scenes. Should I just drop this for good? Is there a silver lining to this story?

I Hear Your Voice – I know this is highly rated, and I can see why, BUT I have yet to find any humour in this story, and I’m sorry, it's not pleasing to watch. And I simply can’t NOT (yes, lousy grammar with double negative – used for emphasis) hate the lead character Jang Hye Sung played by Lee Bo Young.

Life – I’m sorry, Lee Dong Wook, you are very engaging as Ye Jin Woo. I love you to pieces, but this show is so miserable. If another character sits in the room with the dead body of the hospital director and has flashbacks, I might have to drop this show for good. As it is, I can’t watch another episode until after the holidays… Now is not the time to focus on death and corruption in the medical system… it's a happy time of year, right?

Yeo Jin Goo… SOOO talented… the rest… snooze

My Absolute Boyfriend – Yes… Hello, Yeo Jin Goo! I LOVE HIM! Did he ever give a bad performance… no, I mean it, like ever? He’s insanely good at acting… Do you know how old he is? I’d like to meet him and see if his personality is as great as his acting skills. But alas, I LOATHE the lead female in this show Uhm Da Da played by Bang Min Ah and I ABHOR the second male lead played by Hong Jong Hyun. Frankly, if I keep watching, I hope they end up together because she is not fun, and he is annoying. So far, no laughs and the only pretty part of the show is Yeo Jin Goo… I give up.

One More Happy Ending – Admittedly, I started watching this because it had Jung Kyung Ho and Yoo In Na. I love them both and think they are both fabulous and engaging performers. I even like the premise of former girl band members… I just really have a difficult time finding the humour in this show because it is TOO realistic. It's not that there isn’t comedy in real life, but the reality of Han Mi Mo (played by Jang Na Ra) and Song Soo Hyeok (Jung Kyung Ho) is a cross between misery and despair, and I can’t find the humour in it. Do I just not see it, or does the humour happen in later episodes?

Pinocchio – This IS a good show, but again… it's the holidays. There is no humour and does Lee Jong Suk star in anything remotely laughable? Between Pinnochio and Romance is a Bonus Book, I need an anti-depressant. Choi In Ha (played by Park Shin Hye) is a sweet character, and I like the Pinocchio thing, but the whole story of Dal Po and his past just rips me to shreds. So devastating! I’ll watch the rest after the new year’s break, and I no longer desire a cheery disposition.

The Crowned Clown – Again, AWESOME job from Yeo Jin Goo but I can already tell this show is WAY TOO sad. I’ll hold off on this one until next year when I am suffering from winter depression and want to wallow in despair.

The Liar and His Lover – Is there humour to be found in this show? Will I ever care about any of the characters? So far, the only worthwhile ones are Chae Yoo No (played by Hong Seo Young) and Lee Yoon (Shin Je Min), and they aren’t first or second leads, so not sure if I should even go on to episode 3. Both of these characters leave me rather sad. Everyone else - no laughs and not very good-looking at all.

Lee Dong Wook… Do I love him because of Goblin? Or was he always just AWESOME?

Touch Your Heart – So this show has the most potential. What a wonderful world IT IS that puts Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na together AGAIN. Was there ever a more fun relationship than these two portrayed in Goblin? I’ve made it past one episode, and I’m struggling to like both of their characters. Her character is a bit absurd, but also a bit tragic. His character is not remotely interesting yet and certainly, not chilling either. At least in Goblin, he was frightening when he wasn’t comical. Touch Your Heart does have Park Kyung Hye who played another AWESOME character from Goblin, so I’ve not given up on this show yet. I just need to adjust my expectations down a bit. After all, Goblin was such a stupendous show because of ALL the characters, not only one or two... ok, and because of Gong Yoo.  (Sigh… I love him… A LOT... no joke... does anyone have his phone number? Will someone give him to me?)

Perhaps I should say goodbye to my picky expectations? (Thanks Tenor for the AWESOME GIF)

It’s a long list, I know. Still, I’m unsure how to get over my Show Hole condition. My current impulse is to watch Goblin or Man to Man again, but it just isn’t the same as the sensation of finding THAT new show. You know the one… it just captivates you and carefully reels you in like a writhing tuna on a deep-sea fisherman’s line, until WHACK! You’re done for. Is there another one out there… that will make me laugh and make me cry and has pretty people or pretty scenery or both in it? Is there hope for my condition?

What about you? Ever suffer from Show Hole? What was your cure? Should I just give up and watch old Christmas cartoons from the latter half of the 20th century?