by Ceki, October 22, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner so I'm bringing you a guide to the most popular, newest and interesting Asian horror dramas and films that I could find. If you are a fan of this holiday and the horror genre in fiction and entertainment, then read on if you dare! Also, feel free to mention your favourites in the comment section.

The following article was inspired by Horror Week on Goodreads.

20 Most Popular Horror Dramas on MDL

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South Korea

Editor's choice: The Village: Achiara's Secret

This is my favourite. It starts out like a badly produced horror cliche, but then it turns into a really dark and twisted tale of abuse and psychological trauma. Actress Shin Eun Kyung did an amazing job, she blew me away. I believe this drama deserves a second chance, especially if you're into really dark psychological horrors. Possible triggers: child abuse and rape.


Editor's choice: Shokuzai

This was a huge surprise and I couldn't believe that WOWOW allowed it to air in the first place. The Japanese are known as masters when it comes to horror films, but on the small screen, they wouldn't even allow French kissing. Shokuzai (Atonement) is not like that. It is a creepy and disturbing psychological horror series with many triggers, so I warn you to tread carefully. 

Editor's choice: ThirTEEN Terrors

Thai people are obsessed with ghosts, but they usually mix horror with comedy. This drama is, however, pure horror and each episode is a separate story. I liked it very much, especially because the cast is amazing.

Editor's Choice: Q Series: Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark

A nice gem that can now be watched on Netflix! A group of friends get stuck up in a mountain retreat where they start getting killed one by one. There are a couple of really intense and scary scenes. 

28 Most Popular Asian Horror Films 

A spooky apparition with unfinished business? It's a ghost. 

Shifting shadows with malevolent intent? It's a curse. 

A murderous lunatic hiding in plain sight? It's a psychopath.

A decaying hand clawing at your shoulder? It's a zombie.

A group of friends forced to kill each other? It's a death game!

Newest & Upcoming Asian Horror Dramas

If you have watched all horror classics out there and you are looking for fresh recommendations, then check these out. Some of them have already started airing while some will come out in a few months. 


The Guest

Twenty years ago, Yoon Hwa Pyung, a young psychic, born into a shaman family, learned about the powerful demon called "Son" (Guest). The possessed people go mad, kill their families, and stab themselves in the eye. 

Twenty years later, the demon killings started again. Hwa Pyung is now a taxi driver who uses his power to seek out possessed people in order to help them, Yoon is a Catholic priest who is talented in exorcism, and Kil Yeong is a detective who doesn't believe in ghosts. The trio meets again and tries to work together to defeat "Son". 

Type of horror: demons, exorcism, possessed

 Air date: September 2018


The Ghost Detective

Lee Da Il is a private investigator. Jung Yeo Wool becomes his assistant to solve a mystery related to her younger sibling’s death. They work together to solve other mysterious crimes. 

Type of horror: ghosts, investigation, curses

Air date: September 2018



Oh Soo Min is a former doctor, but now works as a Catholic priest. He performs exorcisms. Meanwhile, Ham Eun Ho is a doctor in the emergency room of a hospital. One day, Oh Soo Min goes to the hospital where Ham Eun Ho works. She gets involved with him.

Type of horror: demons, exorcism, possessed

Air date: November 2018



"Kingdom" is set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period. A crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious plague that’s spreading across his country. The truth threatens the kingdom when he discovers that it is an atrocious epidemic in the form of zombies. 

Type of horror: zombies

Air date: December 2018



Wasawat is the devil because in his previous life he committed an equal amount of good and sin. His job is to punish people for their sins, and he basically sets up bad people in real life to give them a second chance. He wants to move on, but in order to do that, he has to find someone to replace him. That is where he tries to get Isara to replace him because he is like Wasawat, equally bad and good. So he enters Isara's life and becomes friends with him. 

Type of horror: devils, pure evil, possessed

Air date: December 2018

Which horror dramas/films are you looking forward to?

Which horrors are your favourite?