by Tory, March 10, 2019

Welcome to the Dream Cast series! Here I’ll be asking the community what Non-Asian series or movie they would like to see with an Asian Cast. First on the dream cloud is every city girl's favourite 90’s series:
Sex and The City.

First Kim Hee Sun as Carrie.

First, I think Kim Hee Sun would pull off Carrie’s iconic fashion looks more than anyone else. I also feel like as an actress she has matured and would make the role funny and relatable. Carrie is also a clumsy and codependent character, which I feel Kim Hee Sun could pull off well. She also has that elite writer in the city look to me.

Next is Kim So Yeon as Charlotte.

This casting could seem iffy to some, but in my opinion, Kim So Yeon plays innocent characters well. Charlotte is a very idealistic character that wants to achieve the picture-perfect life. Kim So Yeon also just radiates that positive energy that Charlotte always has. Oh! And I would love to see her in a retro fashion that Charlotte wears.

Next, we have Jo Eun Ji as Miranda.

Jo Eun Ji has been a familiar face in a lot of the dramas I have watched and she was the first person I thought of for this role. She rocks Miranda’s short haircut, I feel like she would portray Miranda's rigid personality and suppressed anger very well. I’ve seen her play a police officer, so I’m interested to see how she would portray a lawyer.

Then we have Lee Yoo Ri as Samantha.

Lee Yoo Ri has shown she is a master of playing confident-eccentric female characters. Samantha is that and more. I feel that Samantha’s story arc and personality is one of the most interesting things about her and Lee Yoo Ri would kill this role with ease.

Now moving onto the men. I’m only going to cast the major love interest and supporting characters.

First up, for Mr. Big. My first thought was Shin Sung Woo.

Mr. Big is an easy-going character and I would want this to be a cast of mature actors. Shin Sung Woo would bring the peaceful and unbothered aspects of Big to life. I feel like him and Kim Hee Sun would also look good together. He is also really tall and big…

Next, for Smith Jerrod, I chose Sung Hoon

Before you roll your eyes, just read on. Smith is the youngest character in this cast and I think that Sung Hoon fits the rising actor-surfboard bro image very well. Sung Hoon has always played characters that are rich and handsome. I think this role would be a great challenge for him as an actor. Also thinking of him and Lee Yoo Ri acting together as a couple makes me smile. :)

Next is Choi Won Young as Harry. 

I went back and forth on the actors for this one but in the end, I chose Choi Won Young. He has played a broad range of characters. I think he would be a great choice to play a divorce lawyer that helps the innocent Charlotte get the picture-perfect life she wants.

On to the next one!

Next, we have Ryu Deok Hwan as Steve.

For this casting, I had someone completely different in mind but then suddenly remembered Ryu Deok Hwan. And Ryu Deok Hwan usually plays intelligent characters with fatal flaws, this character isn't anything like that. Steve is the opposite of Miranda being relaxed and optimistic. Plus, I think he would do well at playing a less melodramatic role. lol


If you watch a lot of Korean variety shows this casting was so obvious, from the glasses to the bald head. But, let’s get real, Stanford is the gay BFF and who better to play this character than Hong Seok Cheon. I’ve seen his work in skits and cameos, and he is a really good actor. Also, Hong Seok Cheon and Kim Hee Sun as BFF’s, come on, we all want to see that.

Last is Kim Sung Oh as Anthony aka Charlotte's BFF.

This casting may seem weird but hear me out. Kim Sung Oh is a really good actor. I had another role in mind for him, but I think given the challenge, he would do well. He's excellent at comic relief and making characters come to life. He's also really good at making you fall in love with.

I hope you enjoyed this ride of imagination! Do you agree with my dream cast? If not, let me know who you would cast below! Also, let me know which one you would like me to cast next.  

Submit your vote.

P.S: If there are any writers who would like to do an article in this series, don't be shy and message me~

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