by Jeana , November 4, 2017

I know that we're all drama lovers here, however, among us, there reside a few special little pumpkins (myself included) who take drama watching to a whole other level. These pumpkins encounter all sorts of incidents (mostly self-induced) while getting badly sucked into a show and experience situations that are mostly embarrassing, sometimes dangerous and always memorable. Here, I present to you five such situations encountered by yours truly~

5) The Pinky Massacre:

Anybody who has seen Princess Agents knows that in the show, our girl has some kickass Kung fu moves that sometimes get your heart racing. That is exactly what happened to me one stormy night. I was watching Chu Qiao slay some booty and out of nowhere, I was overcome with this feeling of woman empowerment. 

A bout of adrenaline rushed through me and slowly, I started feeling as though I was Chu Qiao myself. In the light of this beautiful illusion, I got up from the bed and decided to re-enact some Kung fu moves- never mind that my version of Kung Fu was more a flailing of arms and legs - I felt as if I was completely in my element. 

I think this oblivious happiness is exactly what the monster poking out the side of your bed known as "That One Deadly Protruding Nail" feasts upon. Before I knew it, my pinky fell prey to this abomination and pain like never before coursed through my body. It was truly a massacre.

 4) Crying a River and Drowning in It

Maybe it's just me but I feel like when you first come into the drama scene all the emotions hit you more intensely. My first real drama was I'm Sorry I Love You and safe to say I was simply not prepared for all that tragedy. I wasn't a cold-hearted cynic at the time and my heart couldn't take the emotions. Conveniently for me, when this accident took place, I was watching the last episode and if you've watched the show you know that everything heart wrenching that can possibly happen, happens in that episode. So there I was; ugly crying, hiccuping and clutching my heart like the world had ended. My hair was wrecked on epic proportions from all the frustrated pulling, my nose was a snot producing machine and my peepers were an ocean in themselves. Simply put, I was a sight.

And that ladies and gents was exactly the moment my mom walked in. I will spare you the gory details of what happened next. In short, my mother thought something was horribly wrong with me. I had to have an hour-long talk with her explaining to her that no, I was not depressed; no, there were no boy problems; no, I'm not having dark thoughts; and reassuring her that she certainly did not fail as a mother. The next few days were uncomfortable cause she literally seemed to be walking on eggshells around me and after all that, I just didn't have the heart to tell her I was crying because *spoiler* the main couple  couldn't get together in a show I watched. It was truly a case of crying a river and drowning yourself in it.

3) The Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors

Empress Ki  is without a doubt my most favorite drama as of yet. And yes, its ending was full of flaws and yes, the tragedy of it was something I had expected and accepted. I would say that despite some reservations, I was more or less satisfied with the ending. However, you can't just let go of a 52-hour addiction that easily. And the night I finished it, I was kicked in the butt with some serious withdrawal symptoms. At that moment I was simply not ready to let it go. It was 1:30 am when I finished it and I had class on 8 am the next morning. 6 hours of sleep was supposed to be just perfect, however, once I hit the sheets, I couldn't sleep. At All. 

Thoughts about the show kept circling in my head. All the different scenarios, everything that could've been, everything that shouldn't have been, all the different moments and all the characters - they kept bombarding my thoughts. Without exaggeration, I vow that I've never before tossed and turned so much in my entire life. What finally snapped me out of it all, was my alarm that rang at 7 am sharp. So basically, I had spent almost 6 hours in bed, doing nothing but thinking about Empress Ki. Due to which, I had to go to class with a huge case of sleep withdrawal and a pounding head. Talk about dark and terrifying nights.

2) Death by Laughter

I already mentioned this incident in my review of Secret Garden and I'll mention it again. Secret Garden is one of the most hilarious K-dramas I have ever watched. Period. For it almost caused me a wonderful death by laughter. Now, I know you're thinking that I'm being over-dramatic by saying that, but I assure that I truly am not.

 One fine midnight, I was lying on my bed, devouring popcorn and happily watching Secret Garden and before you know, utter hilarity ensued between the main characters for the umpteenth of time. Now, I, a mere mortal tried but failed to keep some semblance of calm and so chortle after chortle helplessly spewed out of my mouth. In all this mess, the poor popcorn tried to waddle along my esophagus but my spasmodic movements halted its journey and suddenly, I choked. And I kid you not, it was surely a full-on deadly choke. My lungs were burning, I couldn't breathe, eyes were flooding and dread had encompassed my heart in a tight fist. Now, a less motivated Koreaboo would have given up on life there and then but I persevered for the ending was still there to finish and hence, became a survivor. Moral of the story: Secret Garden is a life hazard. Keep oxygen masks nearby.

1) Burn for You

So you know sometimes you are watching a drama and you literally zone everything else out? Even when you're doing other important stuff you're still thinking of going back to your show? You do? Keep that feeling in mind for a little while, for we will come back to it later. On another note, for some people, there are little drama rituals that they can't do without. For me, whenever I'm watching a drama I love, I have to eat noodles watching it. I don't even know why. I just do. 

In this particular case, I was watching  I Hear Your Voice. Again, it was the middle of the night. Now during one particularly intense courtroom scene, I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to eat Ramen. And so without much thought, I paused the drama and went into the kitchen for Le Food. However, even though my body was directed towards noodle making, I had left my mind in my room. I was still furiously thinking about what was gonna happen next and I was doing everything very quickly. And as you might've guessed it by now, in my haste to go back to the show, I unwittingly poured the scorching hot noodles into a plastic container. The container held no chance against the heat and it gave away in an instant. As the container shrivelled, the steaming noodles and the hot soup spilled on my poor, innocent hand that was oh so conveniently holding the container.

I swear, this was the moment where I felt the worst pain of my life. It was simply intense. My entire hand was scarlet and honestly, I can't describe the feeling. Safe to say, I'm gonna think twice before telling people to go to hell now. But my ardour for drama watching is such, that even in this situation I wrapped my hand with an ice-filled shopping bag and continued to watch the drama. (In my defense, only a few episodes were left.)

That's about it folks! I know I'm way too extra but please tell me there are other special pumpkins like me out there. If you have had whacky drama experiences like these, don't forget to comment below!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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