by lo_ve, June 29, 2023

Kim Hee Jung will be the main lead of the upcoming K-drama You and Me. 

On June 29, Kim Hee Jung's agency Sublime Entertainment confirmed that the actress has been picked to lead the MBNK-drama You and Me which will premiere within the year.

You and Me will tell the story of people from Dong-gu Busan who are living in a bleak reality. It will focus on a woman from Busan who wants her life to be like in the movies and a man from Seoul who cooks food that fills people's hearts. 

Kim Hee Jung will play the role of Heo Young Ran. She is born and raised in Busan. She is currently a student at the  Department of Performing Arts at Youngsan University. She dreams of living a romantic life just like in the movies. She is known for being honest and sincere with everything. 

There is no confirmation yet on which actor will play the role of the other lead named Lee Won, the man from Seoul.

According to reports, You and Me will premiere this coming October. It will exclusively air on MBN. 

This will be the first K-drama project of Kim Hee Jung for 2023. Last year, she also starred in a drama produced by MBN. She was included in the cast of Sponsor led by Lee Ji Hoon, Han Chae Young, Ji Yi Soo, Koo Ja Sung, Kim Yun Seo, and Park Geun Hyung. She also made a special appearance in the K-drama Jinxed at First

Kim Hee Jung also stars in the recently released movie Live Stream together with Park Sung Woong and Park Sun Ho.

Kim Hee Jung is known for being part of the K-dramas River Where the Moon RisesTouch Your HeartPart-Time IdolRebel: Thief Who Stole the PeopleWho Are You: School 2015, and more.


Who do you think will be the best fit to work alongside Kim Hee Jung in the upcoming K-drama You and Me?