by Patricia, January 11, 2020

Kingdom is an epic battle of Good versus Evil opposing David against Goliath reminiscing of previous historical events that occurred concurrently in the history of nations time and time again.

Adapted from the same-titled manga, and produced by Shinsuke Sato, Kingdom was filmed in China and Japan and depicts the entwined lives of Xin, an orphan slave who has grown up to become a brilliant swordsman and Eisei aka Zheng, the out of power king of Qin. Together in a battle of David versus Goliath with the help of Karyouten aka Liao Diao, Youtanwa aka Duan He and Shoubunkun aka Chang Wen amongst a troupe of loyal followers, they restore Zheng to the throne… and set out to unifying China.

It all started with a dream, a young boy's dream of becoming the greatest general in his kingdom, the kingdom of Qin. This is all it takes, one dream!

Kingdom – Key Pillars of Wisdom the Movie Teaches the Audience

  • If you have a dream, you can reach it!

Fight for your dreams, regardless of how unfavourable circumstances might be. Circumstances change. Having a dream and not fighting for it won’t change anything.

  • There is no safety in numbers.

It’s all about strategy! The underdog has won as many times as the predicted winner has lost. This is called balance!

If you think you will succeed, you shall. If you believe you are going to fail, you will. It’s all in your mindset! A general always thinks he’ll win a battle not that he’ll lose it and that makes all the difference.

  • Earned loyalty is the truest form of trust.

Loyalty is not inherited from your parents or your friends. If it is, is not real, it’s by association and once that connection is no longer there, neither is their loyalty.

Real loyalty is earned with actions, not associations, not words.

  • A great journey starts with one single step, the first one.

The path might be very long, and that might be daunting, but you never know the amazing things in store for you until you start walking. Rather than focusing on crossing a bridge that you have not yet seen, focus on the walk towards the bridge. When you see the bridge, then you think how you’re going to cross it.

  • You can’t do everything alone.

Admitting it and seeking help is an act of strength, not weakness. Don’t let your pride get in the way of the person you can be.

  • Sometimes your family is your worst enemy.

A betrayal never comes from an enemy. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can trust them. You’re the only one that can judge whom you can trust.

  • Never underestimate people.

Underestimating those considered to be inferior or lacking has led to many castles crumbling, including people and football teams.

  • A great leader inspires others to follow his vision, does not command them to do so.

If you tell others what to do, they will do it out of obedience. If you inspire them to work with you towards a goal, they will do it out of their belief in what you are all doing.

  • A powerless man can become great.

If you don’t have the power, you need to make the changes you want, become powerful, then make the changes.

The movie stars Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa, Masami Nagasawa, Kanata Hongo & Kanna Hashimoto amongst others.

Vini, Vidi, Vici

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