by lo_ve, February 28, 2024

Actor Choi Sung Won will be part of the newest TVING K-drama Pyramid Game

On February 28, Choi Sung Won's agency Wide S Company shared, "Choi Sung Won will be part of the cast of the upcoming TVING original K-drama Pyramid Game

Pyramid Game will be the latest work of director Park So Yeon and writer Choi Soo Yi. The soon-to-premiere K-drama will be produced by Film Monster and CJ ENM Studios and it will exclusively be available on streaming platform TVING.

The upcoming K-drama will tell the brutal survival battle between students at Baekyeon Girls' High School. They are divided into victims, perpetrators, and bystanders who eventually resort to violence because of a popularity poll that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school.

Pyramid Game will be led by WJSN's Bona, Jang Da A, Ryu Da In, Shin Seul Ki, Kang Na Eon, Jung Ha Dam, and more. 

Choi Sung Won will play the role of Mr. Lim Joo Hyung in the series. He is an art teacher at Baekyeon Girls' High School. He is also the homeroom teacher of the main leads. 

Pyramid Game will air its first four episodes on February 29 while the remaining episodes will be released twice every Thursday. 

This will be the first project of Choi Sung Won for the year. 

In 2023, Choi Sung Won starred in the K-drama A Bloody Lucky Day. He made a special cameo appearance as a Psychiatrist. He also appeared in the films The Assassin and Regardless of Us.

He also led last year's Drama Special Season 14: No Path Back with Lee Jae Won, Kim Kang Hyun, and Yoon Se Woong.

Choi Sung Won is known for being part of the cast of the K-dramas Psychopath DiaryMy ID Is Gangnam BeautyMiracle That We MetPrison Playbook, and Reply 1988.


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