by lo_ve, February 20, 2024

Ryeoun will reportedly be the male idol aspirant that Go Hyun Jung will train in the upcoming K-drama Namib.

On February 20, media outlets reported that Ryeoun had been picked to join Go Hyun Jung in the upcoming K-drama Namib. According to the reports, Ryeoun is positively reviewing the offer to join the upcoming series. 

Namib will revolve around an entertainment agency CEO and a long-term male trainee. The CEO approached the long-term male trainee with selfish intention at first but eventually, she will help her to realize his dreams. 

Ryeoun got the offer to play the role of Yoo Jin Woo, a long-term trainee. He was assigned to CEO Kang Soo Hyun, played by Go Hyun Jung, to be trained. He has been a trainee for a long time and wasn't able to debut for some reason. 

The upcoming K-drama will be the next work of director Jung Da Won (Miss & Mrs. Cops and Garak Market Revolution) and writer Um Sung Min (Default).

There is no confirmation yet on the broadcast date and channel of the upcoming K-drama Namib. 

If Ryeoun decides to join the upcoming series, this will be his fourth upcoming project. 

Ryeoun is set to star in the upcoming K-drama Weak Hero Class 2 with Park Ji Hoon, Bae Na Ra, Lee Min Jae, Lee Jun Young, and Choi Min Young

He will also lead the upcoming OTT K-dramas The Borrowed Body and History of Losers.

Last year, Ryeoun was praised for his performance in the K-dramas Twinkling Watermelon and The Secret Romantic Guesthouse. Many are already anticipating on his upcoming projects and how he will portray different characters in various genres. 

Ryeoun was last seen as the guest panel on the entertainment program EXchange Season 3.


Do you think Ryeoun is the best fit to star in the upcoming K-drama Namib?