by lo_ve, February 12, 2024

KBS announced the lineup of actors joining the upcoming weekend K-drama Beauty and the Devoted.

On February 12, it was officially confirmed that Cha Hwa Yun, Park Sang Won, Lee Il Hwa, Jung Jae Soon, Im Ye Jin, Lee Doo Il, Yoon Yoo Seon, Kim Hye Sun, and Park Geun Hyung will be part of the upcoming family romance K-drama Beauty and the Devoted

Beauty and the Devoted will tell the story of a top actress who hits rock bottom overnight and a producer who has feelings for her and helps her to rise once again.

It will be led by Ji Hyun Woo and Im Soo Hyang who will play the role of producer and the top actress characters respectively. 

The K-drama will be the second project together of director Hong Seok Goo (Girls' Generation 1979) and writer Kim Sa Kyung (Young Lady and Gentleman). The two previously worked together for the series My Only One.

Beauty and the Devoted will air its first episode this coming March. It will replace Live Your Own Life starring Uee and Ha Joon after it concludes. 

Cha Hwa Yun will portray the role of Im Soo Hyang's character's mother Baek Mi Ja. She lived an awful life after her husband suddenly died in a hit-and-run accident. However, after Im Soo Hyang's character Park Do Ra becomes successful, her life also has a turnaround. Her character will showcase how money can change someone's life and relationship with her daughter. 

Park Sang Won will portray the role of Gong Jin Taek. He is the chairman of APP Group. Lee Il Hwa will be Jang Soo Yeon, the wife of Gong Jin Taek. Gong Jin Taek is charismatic a work but he is a loving husband and father at home. Jang Soo Yeon married Gong Jin Taek through the arrangement of their families. The two are forced to be together through ups and downs for the sake of their daughter.

Jung Jae Soon will portray the role of Gong Hak Sook, the aunt of Gong Jin Taek. She is the only adult left in the clan and worries about the future of their family. 

Im Ye Jin will be the grandmother of Ji Hyun Woo's character Go Pil Sung named So Geum Ja. She will showcase the true face of a mother-in-law to Yoon Yoo Seon's character. Lee Doo Il and Yoon Yoo Seon will transform into Go Hyun Chul and Kim Sun Young, the parents of Go Pil Sung. Go Hyun Chul is a great father to Go Pil Sung but he always fails in every business he tries. Meanwhile, Kim Sun Young is a tough and bright person who tells his son to be aware of women.

Kim Hye Sun will portray the role of Hong Ae Hwa, the mistress of Gong Jin Taek's father. She will enter the Gong family and will make his son part of the APP Group.

Lastly, Park Geun Hyung will portray the role of Kim Joon Seop. He is the father of Yoon Yoo Seok's character Kim Sun Young and the grandfather of the main lead Go Pil Sung, Ji Hyun Woo's character. He raised Kim Sun Young alone as his wife passed away at an early age. He will live with the Go family after retiring as a principal of a school.


Are you excited to see how these characters will affect the story of the upcoming K-drama Beauty and the Devoted?