by Ugly Duckling, June 23, 2018

Hello my lovelies, I am back with a new article and this time I will be talking about the new hot topic with a rating of 9.0 – Come and Hug Me

How did I stumble on this drama?

Of course I found this drama thanks to MDL, but what really made me want to watch it was the appealing and mysterious summary.

This is the story of a tragic love that spans 12 years. When they were children, Yoon Na Moo and Gil Nak Won were each others first love. They are forced to break apart when Na Moo's father Yoon Hee Jae, a psychopath serial killer, murders Nak Won's parents. 9 years later Yoon Na Moo is known as Chae Do Jin, a passionate and kind rookie detective wishing to atone for hisfather's sins. And Gil Nak Won is now Han Jae Yi, an aspiring actress following in the footsteps of her mother. She suffers from a panic disorder but still has a good outlook on life. However, the sadness of their past comes to light again and their short-lived encounter is over before it began. Another three years on, Jae Yi has become a popular actress and Do Jin is now an experienced detective. When their fate becomes connected once more, will their love prove to be stronger than their past?

A boy whose father is a serial killer who wiped out whole family of the boy’s crush.

I am person who enjoys tv series about murders and suspicion but I am also a woman who can’t ignore romance, so this drama held a big sign for me with words ‘’COME AND WATCH ME’’, simply inviting me in - into its cobwebs. 

Expectation vs. Reality

So, Dana was ready for this new series and once the first episode came she grabbed popcorn and sat down to drown in the premiere. Was I disappointed? The better question is, what were my expectations from this new series?

Before I started to watch the series I knew beforehand that I had no idea who were the main actors. I won’t lie to you, I to this day don’t know anything about Jang Ki Yong or Jin Ki Joo so I was skeptical and really worried if their acting would be my cup of tea. I knew the older actors but not the young which is quite funny, right? 

To wrap it up, I went into this drama with no clue about main actors which means that I had really high expectations about the whole plot and development of this series. If the plot wasn’t good, then I would simply drop it and never walk around it again, because I am such person. I admit it, I AM hard to please. 

I am perfectionist. 

What were my expectations about the plot, then?

  1. It had to have enough gore in it > I know korean tv series are, well, not so good with murders in my opinion. I don’t blame them, because their criminality rate is really low and the only HUGE thing was Hwaseong murders. That’s why I really wished to see a true face of a killer. I wanted to see the killer’s thoughts and actions. I am not a psycho, but I simply expected it from the given summary. If this should be a series about a killer then so be it!
  2. It had to have balance between flashbacks and reality > So, even before the first episode I kind of guessed that this drama would use retrospective style meaning it will go back and forth between reality and the past. I am all for flashbacks but not an excessive amount of them!
  3. Romance > So I am a cheesy person. I just love romance and if I watch a series I need to drown in the mushy gushy feelings! Honestly, I was terrified that they would show us only the dramatic parts (murders) and leave out the romance.

What was the reality?

  • The plot indeed had flashbacks BUT not excessive and  you actually need to see them in order to understand the present time.
  • Romance was a killer; some might say that it lacks, but honestly, what do you expect from kids? To suck each others tongues out? It’s more than physical love: it’s more like comfort and encouragement, but this love also shows us the dark and sad side. It goes around one question ‘’What will happen if I love you?’’
  • Chemistry in both present and past is amazing AND I am pleasantly surprised about the acting! As I said before, I was very skeptical about the new actors.
  • The gore and darkness is present in almost every episode which is simply amazing. The writer did amazing job in balancing out the good and the evil side of the series. It gives us the feeling of reality. Other series often concentrate on either the good side or bad side of life/character. This drama intertwines the good and evil.

Introduction to main characters:

Yoon Na Moo

- strong character 

- a man who does not follow his brain but his heart

- a man whose love is eternal

- a man who uses his past as a lesson

- a man who wants a change

- a man who can sacrifice his life for others

- a man who is always humble

Gil Nak Won

- strong character

- a woman who wants to make others smile

- a woman who goes against others' prejudice

- a woman who fights her demons

- a woman who is NOT afraid to open her mouth and defend herself or others

- a woman whose love is eternal

- a woman whose life motto is carpe diem

Yoon Hee Jae

- weak character

- a man who has no real life goal

- a man who finds pleasure in defeating weak people

- a man who wants to be a king

- a man who uses others

- a man who has nothing

Gil Moo Won

- weak character

- a man whose past is haunting him

- a man who is not true with himself

- a man who is screaming

- a man who uses his knowledge to defeat others

- a man who can support his loved one

* some people might argue with me that he is a strong character but I don’t think so. We can see in almost every episode that he is struggling more with himself rather then the unfortunate family history. Yeah, the main couple struggle as well but in Moo Won’s eyes I can just see that he isn’t handling the situation well, that he is simply living in the past.

We are in the final stretch of my WATCH it or DROP it article and I want to thank you for staying with me and actually spending the time to read this long article! I just feel that everyone deserves to know what to expect before starting a certain tv series. I hope that my words helped you with your decision to watch or to not watch this series. 

For me it's definitely WATCH IT!

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