by L0V3E, June 17, 2018

So, we know dramas are just dramas and they aren't real life, but sometimes, we wish they were and would like the characters and plot to be realistic while watching the characters' act. But there are some things that most Korean drama characters have in common that just takes me away from the drama and makes me start yelling at my screen like a director, "Stop doing that!" "No, it doesn't look real that way.", etc.

Here are a list of things that would possibly make me start a protest in Korea.

  • Standing like a robot when the camera is not focused on them (BUT they are still on scene). -This is probably a law for Korean dramas because almost EVERY actor/actress does this. For example, you have two people yelling at each other on screen and a third character comes in to stop the fight. Now, three people are on screen but two people are talking to each other. What do you think the third character should do? 
    1. Still act mad and stare at the characters because she's still angry - no need to say anything
    2. Keep quiet and just stare into space because she doesn't have any line in this scene (but still in the shot), mute, and then when it's her turn to talk, she starts yelling and you the viewer is like...huh?

      The first option should be the right one but for Korean dramas, option 2 is a LAW and you must abide by it and that makes me lose focus. Like I know you don't have lines in this scene but do something - at least move your body.

  • Kisses. - I'm pretty sure that everyone who watches Korean dramas has experienced this. What is so hard in this action? I mean, over the years, it's gotten significantly better but sometimes, I just want to...I don't have any ill feelings towards Park Shin Hye but she comes to mind first when I talk about this sort of kiss. Like if you don't want to kiss the guy, push him away or at least, make an effort to. There's also the trend of only the guys just moving their lips. get the drift. It's either the kiss is non-existent as we have seen and are used to or just too much and uncomfortable.Fingers crossed for better kiss scenes because I'll start a protest. That's two protests now.

  • I get that PPL is important but when a character is so poor that she can't find where to sleep but also has the money to buy that latest Samsung -  I don't get it. I mean later on, when said character gets a job or something else then she can use the phone. This grinds my gears quite a lot. We're all used to it by now but sometimes, it's just...

  • Repeating the same scene 10 times and in slow motion. - Yes, she's turning around to find out if it's Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun but the director has to make sure we understand she's turning around so we see that scene a million times. Maybe if you get up and make some tea, by the time you're done, she's on her last turning around scene. Sometimes, there's no need for it but we still get it anyway. Sigh!

  • Get into the car in the morning and arrive at the same city. - This may not be as serious and not many people will notice it but it happens and quite a lot too. I've seen scenes where the actor wakes up in the morning, gets into his car, goes to the office for a meeting (a short meeting), leaves the office and goes home, gets there at night. Except the meeting which seemed to last for like 5 minutes actually lasted several hours...I don't get it. I guess Seoul is on a different scale.

So, that's five out of many. There's more but I don't want you to get a headache because I will.

What grinds your gears when watching KDramas? Or what makes you feel like the reality is gone from the scenes?