by L0V3E, August 14, 2019

It has been a while since “What Takes the Reality Out of Korean Dramas?” part 2 was published and it was quite a popular list, with many comments listing what was missed. So, here's part 3. Enjoy!

  • Missing each other in the same location - This has got to be one of the most annoying ones. It doesn't even need to be a large place, they could be in a ten square foot meter room and still miss each other. This isn't realistic. It's very likely to find someone you're looking for if you're in close vicinity of the person, i.e., if you actually want to find the person, you can also yell the person's name for ease of things but what does reality know? When he turns around, she turns left. When he turns left, she turns around and so forth. Sigh.

  • Catching Taxis - I don't know about you but catching a taxi in Kdramas is so convenient. All you have to do is stand on the side of a road no matter where you're coming out from and an available taxi is already at hand. A very convenient world that is. Your house could be located at the top of a mountain far away from the city but somehow when you step out, there's a taxi coming your way.

  • Manipulative second female lead - Because it's impossible for women to be friends. When there's a male lead (most likely rich) and a female lead (most likely not rich), there's always a second female lead that hates the world because she's rich and the rich male lead does not like her, so she does everything in her power to ruin the female lead which, as we all know, is useless at the end of the show.Is it possible for the second female lead to not be interested in the male lead and be a witch at the same time? Well, keep your fingers crossed as we find out in the next episode of 'KDramas, why?'

  • IV Ripping - Fist of all, let me say that ripping an IV is not normal and can cause serious bleeding leading to infection, but that can't happen in KDramas because 'he's in love and he needs to get to her before it's too late.' The amount of scenes that contain characters ripping out their IVs is too high. It's the norm now.

  • "Strong" Female Leads - Aside police dramas, I'm not sure I know of any female leads that could think for themselves. They all start out as strong, independent (mostly poor) ladies but somewhere along the line, it changes because rich, handsome male lead appears, so no point in being independent because guys hate that, right?  And there's always just one actress that comes to mind...

  • Car Scenes - Let me explain it better. How is it that he forces you into his car while you're resisting and the time it takes him to go to the driver's side of the car, you're either yelling or complaining. Like girl, if you really never wanted to get in his car, you would have gotten off and bolted off while he was unaware. This one really gets to me. It's so frustrating.

  • Predictable Plots - To be honest here, some (if not most) dramas are predictable from episode one especially the romance ones. And by that, I don't even mean knowing how it'll end. It's also knowing how male lead and female lead will meet, knowing he's going to be an annoying jackass and still end up with her. Also knowing how second leads will come in. Just knowing the whole plot. it's insane. I don't know how but somehow, we still watch.

  • Parking - In KDrama world, it's okay to park anywhere and not get your car towed. I always get paranoid when they just leave the car and go wherever. Like, did you lock it? How can you park there? That's right in front of the hospital. Where will the ambulance park?

  • Sleeping with day clothes on - This was a popular one in the previous post. They go out and come back with the same sweaty clothes and then go back to bed with the same sweaty clothes. I can't even sleep with jeans on not to talk about a full-on outfit of a sweater,  jeans, a heavy coat and leather boots + makeup. Like why? You're torturing us. Please, stop.

  • Flashbacks - How is it possible that I have a flashback of what someone else saw me doing from their perspective? It's weird and it's a very common mistake in Korean dramas. Having flashbacks in someone else's perspective is weird and not normal.

  • The Future - This was also mentioned in the previous post. It's so easy to become a lawyer or doctor in dramas. Few years after high school and they're already a top lawyer/doctor among their peers. Like how? No law school? No med school? I should enroll in those programs. 

Honourable Mentions:

  • Likeable second male leads - It's either I hate them or the female lead ends up with them. It's your choice directors.
  • Buying snacks from expensive cafes and never eating them - Um...why? Don't do that to food and especially expensive ones.

BONUS GIFI saw this GIF somewhere and I was like, 'whoa'. He literally went for it, didn't he? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)