by L0V3E, August 31, 2018

Firstly, the last part got a lot of comments and likes, so I just had to make a second part. It was like everyone of you just released your frustration in the comments section and I was just as frustrated and happy at the same time that I was not alone. Thanks for the love.

So, in part 2. I read each comment and took some peeves from there and others I realized later while watching other dramas which will be listed below. Just so you know, a lot of the annoying things listed in the last part keep happening in some of the new dramas (W.W.W.S.K). What do we have to do to make them stop, guys? I'm about to buy my flight ticket to start the protest I promised last time. #stopkdramapeeves2018

Not looking at the road while driving + illegal u-turns (abrupt ones) 

It's a thing in K-Dramas to not look at the road while driving. They're having a conversation with the person next to them or reading a text and they just take their eyes off the road, not for a second or two but for a while which leaves you, the viewer to feel scared for them like, "Um...WATCH THE ROAD BRO!" Don't get me started on those U-turns, is there no 'No U-turn' sign anywhere in Korea? The way these guys just turn around, I'm surprised no one's gotten in an accident from that. Like where is that even legal in this world?

  • At least Sooyoung knows what's up. Apparently, they like stopping at the side of the road any time they feel like. If you want to learn how not to drive, watch KDramas and you'll be a pro and also a regular visitor at the nearest police station.

Blurring the unnecessary 

OK, I get that some networks are a bit strict in what they show and don't show but what I don't get is when we see someone holding a cigarette, tapping it to remove the ashes and then blur it when he's smoking. We've seen everything, we know what he's doing. At least, blur it from the start. They blur knives too, and not only the sharp ones, table knives too (the one you get butter with). They don't blur when someone's being stabbed though. I get that there are rules and regulations to follow but...if you're gonna blur it, blur it well and don't just blur anything. I think there's no need to blur tattoos unless the writing says something offensive or adultish... 21+.

What is this even? How big is that cigarette she's holding? It's like they're blurring the man's private area too. Why not just blur the whole screen. I won't have to wonder what on earth is going on in that part of the screen. It's actually hilarious when they blur out logos like the Samsung logo on the phones or some other product so it doesn't look like PPL.

Grabbing girls/women/ladies by the wrist 

This was one of the peeves mentioned the most. What is it with KDramas and their love for dragging the females around. It's especially annoying when the female is supposed to be strong and independent but somehow gets dragged around by a guy in some cases skinnier than her. I get that it's a fantasy stuff to some people but at a particular point in time, it just gets...annoying. Like it's a signature move in KDramas now. If the guy doesn't grab the girl, then he must not like her. Sometimes I imagine it like watching the world cup waiting for your team to score, the suspense! We're watching the drama hoping that he grabs her hand and when he does, we jump, 'He likes her, he likes her!" It's funny in my head. 

  • Remember this scene with Woo Bin and Min Ho? My gosh! That was just...and why couldn't PSH just walk out like, 'Boy, I don't need this chaos in my life.' She had to make an appearance in this article and you all knew that. She's a star here...for the wrong reasons.


....and counting. Lee Min Ho seems to have a record in this. There were just so many of them out there, I just decided to take pity on you guys and post few. This is the reality. I mean in one of the images, it looks like the girl is being torn into two by both guys. Let's not forget this legendary scene of this forced kiss though that she was literally crying and pushing him away at one point but later submitted and kissed him everybody...wins?!...It's not a wrist grab...but...yeah.


Had to put that in caps lock mode because that is one frustrating aspect of KDramas. Why do they have to forget stuff or have an accident that will somehow lead to memory loss at the most convenient moment like, why now? Well, it's not a complete melodrama if someone doesn't lose their memory, right?  It's most annoying especially when it's selective amnesia. Like yeah, you remember this part but you don't remember the next second because then it won't be KDrama if there's no unnecessary suspense. Like 'Yeah, I can't remember the face of the person who saved me when I was little because of a car accident but somehow I can remember the plate full.' Just, wow!

Too poor to buy ramen but rich enough to have a million and one coats in my wardrobe as small as my account - Is there even any need to go further? Why and how is this possible? Could it be that the characters just have money to buy expensive coats and the latest phones because they can't live life without the latest model and expensive coats? When you don't have money for food then that's where the issue is, right? Right? #stopkdramapeeves2018

The main characters must have met previously - If they didn't meet then there's no script. Period. It's either they were kidnapped as kids together, or the female lead's mom worked as a maid for the male lead's family or sometime in 1621 they were married and they remember it now and see periodic visions in 2018 or the male lead's dad almost married the female lead's mom or...just...same old neighborhood chingus that moved away. Sigh!

White Vans - This always cracks me up. Just know that no matter the scene, once you spot a white van, there's trouble in the land and they better run.

I'll stop here for now for your sake. Thank me later.

Notable Mentions

  • Talking to yourself and answering your curiosity in public like it's an everyday thing
  • Alcoholism - it's most annoying when the female leads just take more than they can consume and just make a big fool of themselves but hey, it gets them the guy.

Did you find out any more stuff you can't stand in KDramas?

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