by OldAnimeLady, December 8, 2017

First of all, this article is inspired by What Would a Korean Remake of 'Breakfast Club' Look Like? written by Aya97 on November 25, 2017.  Check it out, it's good.

Now for most of you, these movies are "classics" for me, they were my teenage years.  My first on-screen crushes came from these 5 and which actresses I thought were the coolest. 

My rules since I don't watch a lot of "Dramas For Young People" as my older Japanese co-worker calls them I am going to use the stable of actors I know.  Please imagine age adjustments for the dream roles.

So let's start...

5. Short Circuit

A prototype military robot gets hit by lightning and becomes self-aware and goes A.W.O.L. (sometimes the plots are already to be Japanified).  He winds up in the house of a sweet girl (Ally Sheedy as Stephanie Speck) and the prototype designer (Steve Guttenberg as Newton Crosby, Ph.D.) follows him there. As the robot reads the internet, he obtains more human emotions. (Cause that's how things work, don't you know?)  The adventure is in the Military trying to get Johnny 5 (yes, that's its name) back and mind wipe it. We aren't going to mention the Indian descent computer guru... it's the 80s, we'll forgive.

Obviously, Johnny 5 would get a whole new look and maybe cat ears... but that's a different article.

Steve Guttenberg as Newton Crosby, Ph.D.
Ally Sheedy as Stephanie Speck


4. Lost Boys

I had a super crush on Corey Haim back in the day, even though he was a walking tragedy case.  He was still pretty, and a bad boy all good points in my book back then. But that being said this movie is full of pretty, pretty, pretty boys.  Lost Boys was my FAVORITE movie to watch over and over again.  I can still quote it to the day.  

So here's the setup, Mom leaves Dad and moves to her father's house in some backwoods crazy town where the main place of employment seems to be something akin to the Boardwalk. People are strange in this town (and the main song of the soundtrack) but Sam can't quite put his finger on it. Then he meets the Frog brothers who are avid comic fans and believe the town is crawling with Nosferatu. Mom gets a new boyfriend and the Frog brothers convince Sam that he is the Head Vampire. Sam's older brother Micheal has fallen in with a bad crowd, could things be connected? 

And because I can't stop myself

"They're worms, Micheal... Worms.

"Look at your reflection in the mirror. You're a creature of the night, Michael, just like out of a comic book! You're a vampire Michael! My own brother, a goddamn, shit-sucking vampire. You wait 'till mom finds out, buddy!"

and "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach; all the damn vampires."

So the cast would be:

Corey Haim as Sam Emerson

Jason Patric as Michael Emerson

Kiefer Sutherland as David

Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog

Jami Gertz as Star

Of course, one of the other vampires would be Kame, cause we have to up the pretty factor, let's throw in Nishikido Ryo while we're at it.

3. Heathers

Yes, three of them are named Heather, yes, they are the most popular girls in school, but even they don't deserve J.D.(Christian Slater).  A new transfer student who pulls out a gun shoots blanks at the Jocks on the first day of school, which fascinates Veronica, the non-Heather Heather  (Wynona Ryder). The journey in the movie was not what one expected at the time.

Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer
Shannen Doherty as Heather Duke

Christian Slater as Jason "J.D." Dean

Yokoyama Yu

Because let's face it the other two Heathers just don't count and it doesn't matter who plays their parts. 

2. The Craft

Yeah yeah, I know 1996, not the 80's but this movie falls into the same category for me. Fairuza Balk performance in this was just off the charts (and later in Blade 3 but again different article). To see this turned into a Japanese style witch/magic film would totally kick ass.

Hmm, synopsis without spoilers is hard... let me look at the wiki. A new girl moves to town and befriends some girls rumoured to be witches.  Turns out they are and that the new girl might just be the one to complete their coven.  There is a love interest but he is really irrelevant.

Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs

Robin Tunney as Sarah Bailey

Neve Campbell as Bonnie Harper

Rachel True as Rochelle Zimmerman

1. The Breakfast Club

The title which got the wheels turning. Of course, I hated that the cheerleader got my man, but what could I do? My identifying character in this was Allison, who was me to an absolute T that it was almost scary.  So if you have read the first article I posted up top then I do not need to re-summarize other than 5 kids in detention, the teacher leaves so they start to talk. Sounds boring, I promise you it's not!

So let's see what my J cast would be.

Judd Nelson as John Bender

Molly Ringwald as Claire Standish

Emilio Estevez as Andy Clark

Anthony Michael Hall as Brian Johnson

Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynolds

That's how I would cast things. Let me know what you think about them.

What will your cast be?

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