I am only in Episode 20 and am loving it so far, however initially I did not want to watch this drama because of the name -- Bloody Romance -- not because I was afraid of gore but didn't really sound interesting.

Perhaps a different name is better like Bloody Revenge or Story of Wan Mei, Assassin Wan Mei, or I don't know Guihua City all sound like better names to me.


Boom Boom Bang Bang Baby.


Boom Boom Bang Bang Baby.


I watched this drama because the name sounded interesting and dark the bloody suits but the romance part is slightly misleading for me a bit so I think:

"My shadow"  fits the most in my opinion

 "Game of torture"

"Fight for survival"

"Forbidden feelings" 

"Flower of death"

Not good at names so just some guesses out of boredom :p