Lately there have been a ton of "Where to watch/download?" threads. I think we should have one place to put these queries so that there is a better chance that your questions will be seen and there will be less threads getting buried.

If you are having trouble finding a place to watch/download a show or movie, ask about it in this thread. I will make a list in the beginning of this thread for all queries and will update them as "Not found/Still looking", "Found" (with the info of where to find it), the case of those that have been missing for a long time: "Transferred to Not-Subbed Dramas.

Happy Hunting! lol
Still Looking!

Hidamari no Ki/ A Tree in the Sun
Kamisama Help!
Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai
News sokuho wa nagareta
Ningen Konchuki
Patisserie Coin de Rue
Suna no Kage -Japanese film
Kanata no ko
Suchan Maichan Sawakosan
SMAPxSMAP - J Variety show
Ikenie no Jirenma
Bakumatsu Kitan Shinsen 5 - Kengo Korin
Bakumatsu Kitan Shinsen 5 Ni - Fuun Igagoe
One Thousand Teardrops
A Kindred Spirit
Aiming High
Virtues of Harmony
Hard Fate
Phantom Lover
Feng Chuan Mu Dan (first few episodes are subbed on viki. Looking for other sources)
Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law (found on viki, however download was requested)
Night of the Spring
Ru Yi (partially subbed on Viki, looking for other sources)
Beauties Without Tears (partially subbed on Viki, looking for other sources)
Four Literary Masters
A Clear Midsummer Night (fully subbed on viki, looking for download)
Bless The Child
Hold Onto Love
Love In Summer
Sleepless Night (Korean, 2013) -- Download with subs
Like Father, Like Son (Japanese, 2013)-- Download with subs
Lan Yu
Aku no Kyoten Josho (Lesson of Evil Opening Chapter 2012)
You Who Came from the Stars Looking for Cantonese dub!

For the next five, requested that you exclude torrents (downloads other than torrents are fine) and that downlaod links from Doramax264 be ignored.
Saigo no koi (raw)
Perfect Love (raw)
Ice World (raw)
Last Christmas (original hardsubbed files by studiooto)
Love Revolution (original hardsubbed files by mugen dorama)

Looking for raws of the following:
The Final Verdict (1988)
The Greed of Man (1993)
Behind Silk Curtains (1988)
Song Bird (1990)
Looking Back in Anger (1989)

Need Streaming links for the following 5 movies:
Thousand Years Love
The Tale of Genji
A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story
Untold Scandal
The Servant
Ima, Kono Kao ga Sugoi! (Japanese variety show) - Dailymotion (raw);Dailymotion Channel(raw) For more info, check out post #5.
GOGO Ikemen 5 - Dailymotion
Softboys - Dailymotion
The Joy Luck Club (China, 1993) Streaming Link
Portrait of a Beauty
Forbidden Quest
Oshin (Movie)
Justice Pao Cantonese Raw

Some Youtube channels that Panda-san shared that have Hard-subbed J-dramas:
Transferred to Not-Subbed Dramas
For the person looking for Ima Kono Ga Sugoi, you can find it on dailymotion:

The search function on Dailymotion sucks but you can find it and many other Japanese variety on this channel: This person uploads a lot of variety shows usually right after they air. I think he has pretty much every episode of it. You can also search Chinese sites like and but you have to type in the name in Japanese. Also, d-addicts has lots of un-subbed variety shows as well. This post can apply to anyone who wants to know where to find Japanese variety shows.
Does anyone know where I could watch "Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai" with subtitles? :) I haven't been able to find it so far :(
Thanks for the info. ^^
I would like to know if there's anywhere that I can watch:

News sokuho wa nagareta
Ningen Konchuki
Patisserie Coin de Rue (it was on youtube before, but it was gone from there before I had the time to watch it.)
I want to watch SMAPXSMAP just don't know where to find them subbed.
I cant find this one:

"Ikenie no Jirenma" also know "Ikenie no Dilemma"
Also cant find thid one´s:

"Bakumatsu Kitan Shinsen 5 - Kengo Korin" - Jmovie

"Bakumatsu Kitan Shinsen 5 Ni - Fuun Igagoe" - Jmovie
Anyone who knows of any Lau Hawick dramas with English subs to download...pretty please with a cherry on top :)
Updated the list. ^^

Rosie,do you have any titles in particular you were looking for, or just all of them? lol
Sleepninja wrote: Updated the list. ^^

Rosie,do you have any titles in particular you were looking for, or just all of them? lol

all of them :D