Am i the only person who felt like it was completely unfair of Doo Rim to hide the baby from Kang Ju for the first two years of his life? He wasn't able to experience her being pregnant/raising the kid in his early days simply because she felt like she should have left. She didn't even consult him before leaving. How is that a relationship? /rant over. 

I thought it was stupid. He should have known so he could also pay child support. She didn't make that baby alone. :P LOL Just kidding. But yes, she should have told him.

Yea,that pissed me off also. He should have been pissed. Reminded me of Autumns Concerto which was more realistic because in Concerto he was pissed.. While they tried to make her this self-less Mary Sue character. She was quite selfish.Of course all the women in this drama were horrible people She could have just lay low out of town or something and still met with him while the heat died down. And what was with the grandma thanking him that he kept looking? I wanted to punch both of them in the face. They could have easily came back or at least picked up a phone. Was it two years? Because I remember the father telling the mother that it was about a year since she moved out.And the mother left before Doo Rim.

I was pissed too. I was mad that he wasn't mad. She hid the pregnancy from him which is very selfish. She could've went back... Kang Ju missed a big part of the babies childhood. Birth especially!