I recently watched a Chinese drama (I believe it was a historical mini drama) and i only remember the following..

  1. ML was crown prince
  2. he had an older brother
  3. The older brother repeatedly tried to frame his brother to become crown prince, BUT he actually didn’t want to hurt the younger one
  4. ML knew about the doings of his older bro and good heartedly accepted them / didn’t really mind them
  5. someone else (the stepmother? Or the helper of the older brother?) wanted to kill ML and the older brother good mad, cause as I said, overall, they had a pretty good siblings relationship
  6. there was a FL and romance, but I can’t remember more X_X

I even commented about the brothers, cause it was so cute.. but I just can’t remember the name of the drama anymore. Does it ring a bell for anyone?  I’d really appreciate your help! 

The drama you described sounds intriguing with its complex sibling dynamics and historical setting. While I couldn’t find an exact match to all the details you provided, the theme of brothers in a historical Chinese drama is quite common. One drama that comes to mind is “The Untamed,” which features strong brotherly bonds and political intrigue, although it may not be the exact one you’re looking for.

Thank you for trying to help me :) 

Unfortunately, while I love the Untamed very very much, it's not what I was looking for. The one I mentioned was more on the light, fun side. It's sad that I can't find it anymore.... I went through my whole watchlist, but I think I forgot to put it on the list because I just can't find it....

Thanks, it wasn't in the list, but I used the help offered as a new boost of motivation to keep looking.... and eventually I was able to find it T_T

It was The Deliberations of Love ❤️  

might be Chinese drama Royal Nirvana or Princess Wei Young or the Korean drama Queen for Seven Days,, they are not mini drama though

Is it  "The Winner Is King" (王者之路) :)

Thanks for trying to help, as postet above, I already found it, it was The Deliberations of Love :)