回眸一夏 - MIKA 

yes!!!literally!!! this song needs more recognition!!!!!!!!

Please help me find an OST. It's now driving me mad as i keep humming the same bit but just can't find it. Hopefully someone can recognise it.

So it is a chinese OST from a drama. Its a duet (Female and Male) and it could well be a OST that has been used before but i would say i hear it maybe a year or so ago.

The chorus is mixed lyrics of Chinese and English.  All i can gather from memory is the female sings something like don't let go or forever and repeats and then the male raps/sings something Chinese and then at the end of the chorus it something like 'i do love you forever'.

I believe it from a modern day drama rather than a period drama and is a teen romance type like perfect and casual or my unicorn girl (but its not from them). Its an upbeat type of song rather then slow and somber.

Any help gratefully received, i won't give up till i find it.

From the drama Wonderland of Love

Zhou Shen (周深) - Cocoon 茧 l The Long Ballad 长歌行 Ost.