Fire of the Heart - The Journey of Flower

Let it die - Proud of Love

You are Beautiful - Cambrian Period

Season of Rain - Moon Lovers

Love In The Forlorn City

Very beautiful, melancholic OST song:

"There Is A Love Called Letting Go"

Watch it at the very beginning of the ep,  its amazing lyrics and intro montage hooked me into the drama right away:

Here's the full song with eng sub:

1. (like mentioned above) from Cambrian Period 2017:

"You're beautiful" by Liu Ching

2. from Cambrian Period 2017:

"Mask" - performed by Neo (Hou Ming Hao)

3.  from Linger / Hu Die Fei 2008:

"Only Memory" / 只有回忆   - performed by Li Bang Bang

music: Guy Zerafa & Dave Klotz / lyrics: Lin Xi 


4.  from Black & White 2009;

"Perfect Stranger" by Jason Tsou

5. from 'Love keeps going":


by Cyndi Wang

6. from "Love keeps going":


by Cyndi Wang

7. songs from the movie Red Cliff performed by Alan:

Imperial Doctress

3. from Linger / Hu Die Fei 2008:

"Only Memory" / 只有回忆 - performed by Li Bang Bang

music: Guy Zerafa & Dave Klotz / lyrics: Lin Xi

- misspelled, correct: Li Bing Bing

added links for Alan:

Xīn·Zhàn ~RED CLIFF~

Chìbì ~Dà Jiāngdōng Qù~ /  赤壁 ~大江東去~

Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

The opening song of general and i were my favorite!!!

This life I waited for so long
From an ignorant boy to a lonely man
In this lifetime, i loved too much it hurts
You can stab the sword through my chest

So beautiful

I loved the OST from Behind your smile even though I found the show boring

These taiwanese/chinese dramas have the best OST's:

The Perfect Match

Easy Fortune Happy Life

Eternal Love

I really loved the osts from these dramas

  • Scarlet Heart
  • Nirvana in Fire
  • Eternal Love
  • The Flame's Daughter
  • Smiling Pasta

Aaron : This is not me, Half, Taipei Dreamin' (Fall In Love With Me OST), Unstopabble Sun(Just You OST), Your happiness is my happiness(I Am Sorry I Love You OST) these song are unforgottable for me.

Bii: Happiness has nothing to do with it, I will be at your side (Love Around OST), I'm Still Missing You, We Are Walking in Love(Someone Like You OST), ,  Back In Time, Tender Love(Bromance OST), I will miss you (Prince of Wolf OST), All You Did (Better Man Ost)

Jay Chou:  Shouldn't Be (Ice Fantasy OST)

for me, Aron and Bii are my favorite when it's came to an ost <3

surprisingly, I watched most dramas that has Bii ost on it. even tho  I'm not even sure he would sing an ost for that. I hope Aaron would sing more OST in future.

A love so beautiful's ost