Wu Jin Yan/Meilin in her yellow dress, happily going to the night shoot.
Our general Murong Jing and princess Meilin look up at what?
And they look into each other's eyes. General Murong Jing and Meilin.

And now, I realized. He holds a spear.?????????????
Murong Jing and Meilin (He talks to her, he carries her on his back.).
Slide with photos of General Murong Jing.
Murong Jing, the beauty in armor.

Ning Caichen who took the photo
8 hours ago from today's "Spring Flower Weariness",

Baron Chen confessed to Zhao Xiaotang in the garden and asked Zhao Xiaotang to be his crown princess. Zhao Xiaotang said that the imperial court can be without the crown princess, but it cannot be without the first invincible woman in the universe. Just as the West cannot live without Jerusalem. This scarf is what I wrapped around in the morning, and I will put it around your neck, so that you can hold a thought. After saying that, he left. Baron Chen was alone in the garden, sobbing and choking with tears.
At this time, Liu Xueyi, who was passing by, fell into the well and said: I advised you a long time ago, how to win her over, but you didn't listen. You deserve to be single for the rest of your life.
Exotic style of the second male protagonist.
(Sheltering from the rain) The heroine and the second male protagonist.
Zhao Xiao Tang, Luo Mei, in her female general armor.

Righteous Road Learning
17 minutes ago from Liu Xueyichao

He is the prince of the "General of the Human Slaughter" Major General, and he is also the chess player behind the scenes of the dark factory, he wants to enter the East Palace, he wants to take the world into the palm of his hand, and he wants to survive in a desperate situation, he is Murong Jing and @Mr_ Liu Xueyi

It's a story about a couple who fall in love (but their love is full of conflict). He is a prince obsessed with achieving justice for his own family (And he wants to sit on the king's throne.). And in this attempt he has no qualms about using people for this greater interest. He meets this girl, this warrior, who he secretly paid for her training (she has martial powers). She doesn't know that he secretly trained her (that he is her ruler). She has a lot of strength of spirit, courage and mercy. He's going to need her help.
He has an illness caused in him by his enemies. However, she is poisoned (she is also sick), but he was the one who caused it and she doesn't know. But even when she finds out, she continues to want the best for him and will act to help him get a cure for his illness. (but there will be misunderstandings in this story. He will think that she betrayed him, but she is trying to save his life. He, at a certain point, will think that she died. (And then there is the most famous scene in the book, which is in beginning of the novel, something that happens later on: he goes to her (supposed tomb) and takes her corpse (which he thinks is hers), (And he even carries her corpse.), in despair because he thinks she died.
There is a lot of intrigue in this story and martial fights, and war (and their love in the middle of it all). In the end they stay together. But Chinese audiences tend to hate characters like that (wishing there is no happy ending). But... I really want them to keep it as in the book, for there to be a happy ending. I love this conflicting couple, but who, at the end of the day, will be loyal to the love that unites them.


ShaliniGupta  2 hours ago

This has finished shooting??when can it air??

  • eliteles1  VIP 29 minutes ago

    It is only on the 22nd day of filming out of 110 days of total filming.????

Film Memoirs-
9 minutes ago from Anping Joy Super Talk

Peace and joy Liu Xueyi's new martial arts reuters picture frequency today! Soaring into the air, he swirled around and waved out a brilliant light curtain, like a little star falling from the starry sky, the light curtain cut off the rainbow rays that shot out, and resolved the nightmare of killing. Then the long sword swung out, and the dazzling sword light rushed straight up, like a brilliant silver dragon.
The hero holds his sword high. And his blade shines.(Murong Jing in battle).
That was the day he went to work, on 01/14. (This young man is so handsome.)