@ Pig left its coat OO:
It's snowing in Hengdian, and the major crews hurry up and arrange the famous scenes of the snow scene!! [Stealing Music][Stealing Music] A Weibo video of the pig leaving its coat OO
and: https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4992920026021984 

The TV series is tired of spring flowers
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#TV series Spring Flower Disgusting#

Winter comes to the snow solstice, spring flowers are not far away~
What everyone wants to see #春花厌 Snow Scene# This is not arranged[Snowflake]Guess what scenes are in the play?

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Mr_ Liu Xueyi
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#LifeLittleJoy# Today ❄️

(A photo of a snow scene posted by Liu Xue Yi).


The TV series is tired of spring flowers
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#TV series Spring Flower Disgust# #春花厌 Snow Scene# Flying snow all over the sky, Murong Jing and @Mr_ Liu Xueyi's thousands of feelings fall with the snowflakes ~

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The TV series is tired of spring flowers
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#TV series Spring Flower Disgust# #春花厌 Snow Scene# With the fluttering snowflakes, Meilin @吴谨言 The moment I looked back, the time was frozen at this moment

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The TV series is tired of spring flowers
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#TV series Spring Flower Disgust# #春花厌 Snow Scene# Pianpian Gongzi Yue Qin @Biiiii Bi Wenjun Independent in the snow, I don't know why I'm worried ~

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I liked this instrumental song. Murong Jing in the snow scene.

Youku (A snowy environment (series official)
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#TV series Spring Flower Disgust# #春花厌

Snow Scene# Pieces of snowflakes, a little spring flowers, take advantage of this snow, I am willing to meet you as soon as possible~

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The TV series is tired of spring flowers
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After the snow, the sun shines and spring becomes more vibrant. #TV series spring flower tired#Sprout to be released, hurry up@优酷 Make an appointment!

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I can say that this plot has already improved a lot compared to the novel. In these photos, for example, at what point in the book there was improvements (in the book it is so unrealistic: How is a woman going to carry a man night and day, a man paralyzed? Impossible.). And another thing: he doesn't spend that much time in the wheelchair (which would be really annoying). He is sick, but it does not prevent him from being a good participant in the story. In these photos I see her supporting him on her shoulder, which is more acceptable. And to balance the body, they tied a rope from one of their waists to the other (this is more interesting). This is the moment in the book (when they will get to know each other the most, and help each other, it is in the forest. There are mysteries in this forest, and a tomb with a lot of meaning about a carnage that happened in the past (and I think, from the synopsis that the drama made available, this tomb secret that they will discover together, is completely related to Murong Jing's past).

PS: And I suppose, at this moment, there must be studio filming, to create the atmosphere of the tomb.

Huang Ri Ying (Princess Zi Gu- behind the scenes)???????????????

Ning Caichen who took the photo
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Star hunting in the name of the surrounding transfer

Today, Liu Xueyi (Murong Jing) took advantage of Wu Jinyan's (Mei Lin) absence to get her subordinates to move, and moved all her belongings to Wu Jinyan's courtyard to prepare for living. Bi Wenjun (Yue Qing) came out to stop him, but he didn't expect Liu Xueyi to be arrogant and unreasonable, and sneakily attack him. Then he motioned to his men to move quickly. After moving in, he asked his subordinates to throw away the gift that Yue Qing (Bi Wenjun) gave to Mei Lin. He tied Bi Wenjun up and put him in a carriage and transported him 800 miles away.

Liu Xue Yi is in the right corner, dressed in white.

sony_t  6 minutes ago

I hope they don’t water down the dark/gray characteristics/plot. I know Liu Xueyi will do so amazing in it. And he looks so so fine (no surprise there)

  • eliteles1  VIP a few seconds ago

    That they have written a wonderful script, perfected, but maintaining the characteristics of the novel. Valuing Liu Xue Yi and all actors. (And don't change the ending. The ending in the novel is happy.)

Emperor Jing is in a sword fight with his older brother who is his enemy.

The heroine, Meilin, running through the night, in the rain, in her black warrior uniform.