For me, personally, I know the cast and I am fan of them, so I can't wait to start thes!!

PHS of course plus the reunion of Cha brothers is cherry on top.

I like Our beloved summer. And this seems kind of similar story. 

I haven't watched these two in a long time and I just had a feeling that a good, fresh drama is waiting for me. I found the title intriguing and I decided to give it a chance, I didn't think for a second that it might disappoint me, let's wait and see. I don't normally watch the next episode's preview but I'm glad I did this time, I was so happy when she kicked that bastard's shin ! Go, girl, instead of dying thoughts, get up and reclaim your dignity !

Lead actors I can trust in the genre.

because im a physician and burn out is so real

I love the topic of this drama mostly, I don't see a lot of drama surrounding the topic of depression, I'm looking forward to it!

I'm hoping for a decent take on burn-out, just like DDOS's take on mental health.

The cast was what made me curious about it, before it started to air,  but I kind of forgot about it until I came across a tiktok clip of it. The clip made me go straight to Netflix and watch the first episodes haha

The cast was the prime reason. I love watching both PHS & PSH. On top of that the enemies to lovers troupe piqued my interest..

My depression to be honest. Wanted something to relate to and healing if possible

The heirs reunion 

Netflix autoplayed the trailer for me a few weeks ago and I thought it looked good. I binged the first 4 episodes last Sunday and I am hyped for the new episodes.

PHS and depiction of mental illness.

Park Hyung Shik, mainly. I haven't seen him in anything since SWDBS and was eager to watch him in another romcom since he shines so much in them. Seeing Park Shin Hye in the cast was also very nostalgic since I watched so many of her dramas years ago.