So This Is My First Forum..... I Saw This In allkpop And Decided To Try It Out Here! The game Is Where To Post You Bias To The Group Posted By The Person Above You . So I'll start by posting a Kpop group.. ex: B1A4 then you'll post who's ur bias in that group... ex: Gongchan then you'll put below it the next Kpop group.. ex: Big Bang and so on and so forth :) So I'll Start With...... SHINee
L.Joe!! But I Really Like Chunji Also....
hayleykrunch wrote: L.Joe!!
But I Really Like Chunji Also....

WOW. I Forgot I Group -.-

Okay I Choose: Super Junior!
Kim Hyun Joong! (Happy Birthday!!!) Boyfriend
Kwangmin... not Youngmin, I know its weird but I only like the one Jo Twin, Kwangmin. Infinite