This is just a thread for people to share what kind of person they are.  The next person will put "me too" or "not me" and then put what they're the type to. :)  If it's too personal...feel free to ignore me. 

I'm the type to binge watch a drama, and then instantly regret it when I've finished it too fast.

Me too. 

I'm the type to sometimes watch a drama until late hours and then regret it the next morning. /that 'sometimes' is very important here... XD/
Me too!! (There are more days that I Don't regret it than days I do..)

I'm the type to find an artist or song I like and wear it out! :)
Me too

I'm the type to sometimes watch multiple dramas at a time
Me too

I'm the type to get extremely annoyed when people don't take asian dramas and music seriously as a form of entertainment
ME TOO!!! SO MUCH ME TOO!!! lol sorry...

I'm the type to get offended when people tell me I only listen to kpop because it's the "cool thing to do"
Yeah me too 

I'm the type to rewatch dramas that I loved
Me too.  (rewatched about 25% of my short drama list)

I'm the type to give a drama a second chance if I've dropped it in the past.
Not me.

I'm the type of person who drops dramas I don't enjoy.
Me too (now, I never used to)

I'm type to watch a drama just for a lead
Not me

I'm the type of person who always have Second lead syndrome
*sigh* me too...

I'm the type that limits myself on drama episodes...and exceeds it every time.
Not me:/

I'm the type that always eats while watching dramas xD
me too!

I'm the type to favor one genre over others
Me too

I'm the type to watch films as much as dramas