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Wherever there is wine


Wherever there is wine

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I've been watching dramas since 2009 and love psychological dramas that keep you on the edge of your seat and stay with you long after they are done. I especially like ones that show how lives can unravel and "feel bad dramas". I do occasionally enjoy something lighter too if it can keep me interested. I'll give almost anything a shot, since you never know what you'll end up liking, but tend to drop dramas that I don't enjoy. I mainly watch Japanese and Korean dramas but am open to all countries. I also love watching films just as much as dramas and am always looking for recommendations for either.

Anything rated 7-10 is something I enjoyed, and the 6s and 6.5s were decent. Most of my completed ratings are 6-10 because I'll usually drop if I don't enjoy it at least that much. My ratings are entirely based on how much I enjoyed the drama and cover everything from the plot, the acting, the pacing, and the impact. I have the awful habit of rating a drama a point or so too high right after completion only to change it after my excitement dies down a week or two later. I also sometimes rate too low initially, and months later realize it had more of a lasting impact than I originally thought.

I typically love: human dramas, psychological, intense/dysfunctional/unhealthy relationships, melodramas, crime, coming of age, dark and gritty with a lot of twists, real world issues, fashion, Hermes products in dramas, business and finance

I typically hate: food and cooking dramas, heavy sci fi, sports, too much romance not enough plot, heartwarming family dramas, slow pacing, long dramas, medical dramas, teenage humor, terminal illness, pregnancy plots

I love memorable characters, particularly complex antagonists and supporting characters; click here for a list of my ultimate favorites. I also love good acting and many of my favorite actors tend to play these supporting roles (Shin Sung Rok and Jo Jae Yun!), though I do have some leads I'm a big fan of, like Ji Sung and Kubozuka Yosuke.

I have a lot of hobbies and interests outside of dramas. I love wine, cats, high end fashion (especially Hermes!), cosmetics, fragrance, etc. I'm not really into anime, but I do like some kpop (Big Bang and BTS) and jrock (way too many to list) and will gladly talk about that as well.

I'm always up for meeting new people and talking about dramas here so feel free to add me, though I prefer to actually interact with the people on my list rather than just friend collect, whether it be through the feeds or messages.


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