The game is simple. You are given three choice to place three celebrities into. Once you answer the person above you's question, you give a question to next to answer.

For example:

Marry, Kiss, Or Avoid: IU, Lee Hye Ri or Bae Suzy

Answer:  MARRY [ IU ] 

                 KISS  [ Suzy ] 

                            KILL [ Lee Hye Ri ]


Marry, Kiss, or Kill: 

Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk, or Ji Chang Wook

Marry: Ji Chang Wook

Kiss: Lee Jong Suk

Kill: Song Joong Ki

Marry, Kiss, or Kill:

Naoto, Chen Bo Lin, or Iwata Takanori

Marry: Iwata Takanori

Kiss: Chen Bo Lin

Kill: Naoto

Marry, Kiss, or Kiss:

Lee Min Ho, Gong Yo, or Kim Woo Bin

Marry: Lee min ho

Kiss: Kim woo bin

Kill: gong you

marry,kiss or kill:

Jung il woo, Kang seo Joon , park hae jin

Marry: Kang seo Joon

Kiss: Park Hae Jin

Kill: Jung il woo

Marry,kiss or kill:

 Park Hyung Sik  / Ikuta Toma / Kento Yamazaki 

Marry: Park Hyung Sik

Kiss: Kento Yamazaki

Kill: Ikuta Toma

Yoo Ah In, Joo Won, Yoon Shi Yoon

Marry: Joo Won

Kiss: Yoon Shi Yoon

Kill: Yoo Ah In

Marry, kiss or kill:

Seo In Guk, Kim Young Kwang, Kim Soo Hyun

Marry: Kim Soo Hyun

Kiss: Seo In Guk

Kill: Kim Young Kwang

Marry, kiss or kill;

Jo In Sung /  Hyun Bin / Do Kyung Soo

Marry: Hyun Bin 

Kiss: Jo In Sung

Kill: Do Kyung Soo

Marry, kiss, or kill:

George Hu, Wallace Huo, Dennis Oh

Marry: Wallce Huo

Kiss: George Hu

Kill: Dennis Oh

Marry, Kiss, or Kill

Miura Haruma, Nishikido Ryo, Nakagawa Taishi

Marry: Nakagawa Taishi

Kiss: Miura Haruma

Kill: Nishikido Ryo

Marry, Kiss, or Kill:

Wang Kai, Gong Yoo, Takeru Satoh

Marry:Gong Yoo

Kiss:Wang Kai

Kill: Takeru Satoh

Marry,Kiss Or Kill:

Ok teacyeon,Lee jong suk,Ji chang wook

Marry: Lee Jong Suk

Kiss: Ji Chang Wook

Kill: Ok Taecyeon

marry, kiss, or kill:

Lee Dong wook, So Jisub, Ji Sung

Marry: Ji Sung

Kiss: Lee Dong Wook

Kill: So Ji Sub

Marry, Kiss, or Kill:

Lee Joon Gi, Jung Yong Hwa, Yoo Ah In